Here are some questions that I get asked frequently and their answers :-)

What camera do you use?

I use a Sony NEX-C3. It is my baby but was a little on the expensive side. However if it ever breaks I am going to stick with the same type/model because it is so easy to use and I love how my photos turn out. I use the standard kit lense it came with but am saving up for a Macro lense to make those eye shots even clearer!

What brushes do you use?

For eyes, I am a MAC girl. My holy grails are the MAC 239 and 217. I use these in probably 95% of the looks I do and wouldn't be able to do it without them.

How did you start working for MAC? 

I will be blog posting about this soon.

Who designed your layout?

I bought my layout from Pipdig

Do you edit your photos?

I actually do very little editing, as I want you to see the looks as they are. If anything I turn the brightness up a little if the daylight is a little on the dark side. I do all of this on Picmonaey.

How do you take eye photos so clearly?

This is a case of practise unfortunately. At first I was terrible and this can be shown in the earlier stages of my blog. I always take photos in front of an well lit window and adjust the brightness on my camera. I use the Macro setting (a little tree icon) and use a mirror to make sure I'm getting my eye in shot. Nothing very glamourous I'm afraid. 

How did you become a make up artist?

I started on this little blog right here! I was actually doing a Law degree when I first started blogging but my passion always lay in make up. I started doing friends make up and then moved onto paid opportunities which I gained via this very blog! I applied for years to get on counters as that was the best way to get my hands on as many faces as possible and eventually after building up my portfolio enough, I managed to get a job working as a make up artist for Giorgio Armani. I opened a counter with them and stayed for 6 months, but my heart has always been with MAC and I have currently worked for them for almost a year. 


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