About Me

Hi all!
My name is Kayleigh and welcome to my website :)

So if you wanted to know a little bit about me, I'll keep it short and sweet!
I'm 26, live in Kent. I'm a make up artist of 3 years.
I'm disney obsessed, love anything pastel and make up is my passion. I am so lucky to have started this little blog 5 years ago and turned it into the very thing I love and do for a living! Not many people can say that and I feel very privileged. 

I formerly used to be known as Blog of Shadows, but I outgrew the name. I wanted a website that reflected the person I had grown into, I wanted it to be a space where people could see my work, my passion in progress but also still be a place where I could grow and continue to learn. I already have my professional website thus, KayleighKMUA blogs, was born! 

I am a PR friendly blog. I have worked with several brands including Rimmel, Cosmo magazine, GHD, Company magazine and more, creating looks and tutorials for them. If you are a company wanting to work with me, please email me at kayleigh@kayleighkmua.com for more information. I do offer advertisement packages and occasionally take on sponsored posts if fitting with the theme of my website. Alternatively you can hire my make up services, which can be found on the work with me page. 

Thats really all there is to know! If you ever need to find me, I'm also over at @kayleighkmua on Twitter! 

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