Disney 23 Week Countdown: 10 things I wouldn't do a Disney World again

Its my 23 week countdown, woohoo! And today I thought I would write a tongue in cheek post about what Disney World things I wouldn't do again. Obviously this is just my experience yadda, yadda, yadda. And I welcome all opinions in the comments disagreeing or agreeing with me (because I do love a good healthy Disney World debate!). But here goes, my things I would not do at Disney World. 

10) Go in June/July

I can safely confirm Tomorrowland did not look like this and this picture was taken in September haha

I have never been more hot, squished or stressed in my whole life, than when I went in June/July. I saw from the calendars that it was going to be a busy time to go, but I thought "yeah, I can handle crowds, I can handle a few people". I was wrong. I was packed into wishes on main street like a tin of sardines and hour long waits for rides that normally are 20mins at a push really put me off going at this time of year again.

9) Get fast passes for Fantasmic

This may be a controversial one but I would never book a fast pass for Fantasmic
 again. I just find it a waste, when at Hollywood Studios there are so many other things you could happily spend a fast pass on! For me, I got better seats turning up 10mins before the show started! Maybe this could be worth it if you're going at a highly crowded time of year, but if like me you go during low season, there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

8) Bongos

The worst meal, service and just general ambience I've ever had at Disney. Luckily its not really Disney, but on a whim myself and my parents booked this on our last night of our trip. We were seated at the bar despite booking well in advance (from the outset it seemed they had forgotten our booking, which happens I guess!) I had a drink spilt on me and my food from our server without any apologies or offers for a new meal (yay fizzy chicken). We were constantly barged as people walked past us when getting their drinks and our server just seemed stand-offish and preoccupied from the outset. Our dessert was also the size of a 50p coin, which I guess wouldn't have been so bad if everything else hadn't contributed. I guess what I'm tryna say here is, I didn't have the best time at Bongos!

7) Sleep in

You are in Disney for 2/3 weeks at a push and my attitude is, you gotta make the most of it! Sure a lay in is super needed once or twice on the trip (I love the saying that "you need a vacation after your vacation from Disney"). Don't sleep in every day. Some of the best things happen in the mornings, such as the opening to Magic Kingdom, the chance to get first dibs on all the rides, the chance to take photos without anyone in them!

6) Spend a snack credit on plastic cheese

One of my rookie mistakes. Plastic cheese costs $1 and I just spent one of my vital snack credits on it, when I could have used that snack credit on a $6 cupcake or dole whip! Plan wisely, buy the plastic cheese. 

5) Spend all my time AT Disney World

I know, forgive me father for I have sinned. But its true. I think there is SO much more to Florida than Disney and if you can definitely plan some days away from the parks. I loved my little trip to Miami, I have never laughed so much, ate pizza so good, drank such glorious cocktails and seen sand so white. Other things to do, take an everglades tour, investigate some of the cute little towns surrounding Orlando, eat in some of the restaurants on I-drive or dare I say it... go to Universal! There's so much culture and amazing sights to be seen in Orlando, even just two days out of Disney won't hurt!

4) Use the bus system

Don't get me wrong, I love the Walt Disney World transportation system, but since renting a car I can honestly say, we saved SO much more time and had a way more relaxing trip. We've all been there, late night at Magic Kingdom, all you want is your bed and you look over at the Contemporary and debate just buying a night there with your dollars, all to avoid the 10000 people in your bus queue and the fact you KNOW you will be standing. I know I have. Even worse when you're soaked from the inevitable Florida rain and its 30mins in the freezing air con. Ever since having the luxury of renting a car, coming and going as I please and avoiding waiting for a bus which as some of us know, does take a while sometimes! I think we'll always rent a car in the future. Plus, night-time shops to Walmart rock!

3) Buy a quick service steak

Just don't do it. 

2) Go home when it rains

I made this mistake in the early days of my WDW trips and its safe to say, I now embrace the rain! I'm from England after all. Just pack a poncho and go about your day, because the rain can sometimes be a blessing in disguise! That 60minute wait just went down to 5! That overcrowded hot park, just became desolate and yours for the taking. Prepare for the rain, become one with the rain, you are the rain. 

1) Underplan

My first WDW trip was completely underplanned. We bought our tickets at the gate, we didn't have any advance dining reservations and I barely even knew what Animal Kingdom was (A zoo right?!). Even though I don't regret the fact that I saw everything with new eyes, I had no idea there was 3 firework displays, or shows or the amount of sheer things to do, I do regret underplanning simply because of the amount of money I spent. If you're planning a WDW trip, research is your friend. You can save SO much money and more importantly TIME, if you do your research and plan your days accordingly. Plus, planning for me is the best part!

Let me know what 10 things you wouldn't do again! Or if you disagree with any of these! I'd love to know in the comments below!


  1. My last trip was so underplanned that I missed 2 of the Disney parks and feel I wasted a lot of money! This trip, however, is so planned out for September - it's like military organisation! 😂😂 :) Tania Michele xx


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