Disney 29 Week Countdown: Top 10 Things to Do At Magic Kingdom for first timers

Happy Wednesday! Look at me go, regular blogging and everything! If you didn't know - I also blog over on my professional make up artist blog which you can find here, mainly about bridal related things. Pretty fun stuff! But anyway, back to Disney. I'm 29 weeks away, and almost 19 days away from booking our dining! How exciting! So to celebrate this week, here are my top 10 things to do at the Magic Kingdom if its your first time going! The first time is always the most special so I recommend soaking it all in, getting up early and staying until the very very end!

10) Take the monorail across from the transportation centre
Nothing beats seeing the castle come into view from the monorail, its one of the most magical and exciting experiences. 

9) Watch the opening ceremony.
The first time I watched it, I cried. Even now when I hear the train coming in the distance, my little heart is pounding out of its chest with excitement and I can't explain the happiness felt when you go through them gates and into main street! Even though the Welcome Show has now changed (you can now enter Main Street and have a wander before opening!) it is still good to get there early and take in the sights and smells of Main Street. 

8) Crystal Palace breakfasts
You can't go to Magic Kingdom without having breakfast with Pooh and Pals. I make it a yearly mission to fit in breakfast here, I love meeting the characters and the buffet offers so much selection, even the most fussiest of eaters will be satisified. Everything from the look of the amazing glass building, to the service to the interactions with the characters make this magical for your first experience in Magic Kingdom.

7) Go on Space Mountain
Make sure you get fast passes for Space Mountain and make it your first ride. It was my first ride when I first came to Disney World and I made sure it was my boyfriends first ride too. He loves it and it makes for magical memories. Nothing beats your first ride!

6) Stop by Adventureland for a Dole Whip
Everyone must try the dole whip, they are the stuff of dreams! And in the Florida heat they work a treat at cooling you down. Make sure you at least try one, but be warned, you will never stop craving these pinappley bad boys. 

5) Go on the Mountains
Make sure you stop by Splash and Big Thunder Mountain for some of the best rides Magic Kingdom has to offer. No trip is complete without them, they are cult Disney World rides! 

4) Eat lunch at Casey's Corner and people watch.
Grab some lunch at Caseys Corner, if timed perfectly you can also watch the Festival of Fantasy parade at the same time and people watch. You have a great view of the castle, great food (the chili cheese dog is my favourite) and if you're lucky you may even be serenaded by the pianist. Magic Kingdom can be a hectic place, but I've always found a quiet haven near Casey's if you can get a seat! Plus people watching is fantastic, you see so many magical moments!

3) Explore all the nooks and crannies!
Magic Kingdom is literally a Kingdom, waiting to be explored! There is something around every corner, so go on every ride, explore everything no matter how small it may seem!

2) Grab dinner with Sonny Eclipse.
I personally love the dinner at Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe, the chicken is to die for. If you time it right you can grab a seat and be serenaded by the one and only Sonny Eclipse and his soulful space tunes. 

1) Watch the parade and fireworks.
Of course you MUST end the day watching the parade and wishes. Nothing tops off a day like watching the fireworks. Its a truly magical way to end a day and I for one will never get bored of watching Wishes (I do find the parades a little tiresome, simple because of how busy it gets but if you haven't seen it before, its SO worth it!)

So first timers, raise your hands! I hope you enjoy your magical first experience at one of the worlds most wonderful places! Let me know how many of these you check off your list!

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  1. So much of this is on my list for when I go this year! Thanks for sharing :) Tania Michele xx

  2. I still haven't had my first time there but I'll be saving these for when I eventually get there! x


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