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So today I am starting something very special on the blog. Some of you may or may not know, but I am trialling a new skin care routine over the past 2 months - the 10 Step Korean skincare routine. Its hard work, but my skin has honestly never looked better. As such, a huge part of this routine has been the sheet mask step - thats right you read it correctly, every single night I do a sheet mask. So I thought, while I am trialling all sorts of sheet masks, why not blog about them and share my thoughts with the wonderful internet!

The folks at Timeless Truth kindly sent over 4 face masks for me to try after hearing about my new series. Fun Fact: as a make up artist, sheet masks are a god-send for clients who may have particularly stressed out skin e.g. brides or clients who have travelled a lot! So when trialling face masks I am always looking for ones to add to my kit. I browsed the website having not heard of Timeless Truth before (having said that, when embarking on my new Korean skincare journey, I hadn't heard about many brands!) but really liked the selection and the innovation into their masks so I was extremely excited to try!

So lets get onto the review!

Q - 10 Caviar Nourishing Mask - This one is part of their luxury range ( I felt very fancy reviewing this!). Supposed to prevent ageing, promote skin cell turnover (I am all about that life!) and improve skins elasticity. This mask was actually very innovative, with little ear holes so the mask doesn't slip or slide around and its very comfortable to wear too! I will admit, I did feel a bit silly wearing it. The effect of this one was almost instant, my skin felt so plump and looked SO clear. Definitely a good one for a special occasion. 

Snow Algae and Hydralauric acid - Again, needless to say, very excited to use this! Snow Algae (found on glaciers and snow in Switzerland - supposedly a very hardy plant, the ingredients help protect the youthfulness of the skin.) Well as soon as I read that, I knew I would like it! The mask itself was quite thick and again SOAKED in product. I actually had enough product in this one for 2 uses. It was incredibly soothing and did indeed make my skin look more plumped and youthful. I woke up the next day and received compliments from my colleagues saying I looked radiant that day. This one was actually my favourite of the lot and happened to win Silver in the Pure Beauty Awards 2016, so definitely well worth checking out! I think this would be a contender for my kit, as it worked so well and immediately. 

Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask - Made out of Timeless Truths fusion complex - which has an active ingredient that comes to life when coming into contact with the skin, I was looking forward to using this one! I used this one on a day I felt a bit blah, where my skin had broken out a little bit and I generally felt a bit congested, Claims to be amazing for skin that frequents polluted areas and it just so happens, hey I live in London! My skin felt a little bit tingly after using this mask, but nothing crazy. For this one I didn't see any real improvement to my skin. It felt very clean and "detoxed" but this is probably the only mask out of the lot that I myself wouldn't buy. Maybe it just didn't work for my particular skin type, or maybe I am just comparing it to the other masks that I I felt worked absolute wonders, but this one, just made my skin feel healthy and clean. 

Bee Bio Cellulose Bee Venom Royal Jelly mask - The mask that Timeless Truth is known for, this one has actually won the Pure Beauty Awards Gold winners 2015. Bee venom is actually pretty common in Korean skincare and I had heard a lot about it. It is considered natures alternaive to botox and, well need I say more! Made out of "bio cellulose" this one felt almost like a second skin, it stuck to my face and every little crevice really really well. My boyfriend actually remarked that I looked a little bit scary as my face looked kind of melted, but we must suffer for beauty darling! This really was a lovely mask, my skin felt so plump and rejuvenated after use. It was completely clear, super hydrated and again, the morning after using, I recieved a tonne of compliments (and I haven't really told anyone about my skin care escapades yet, so I felt like they were really genuine compliments!). I feel like this mask would be great before a big event or special occasion as it really is just divine. T

Overall I was really really happy with these. They far surpassed some of the Korean sheet masks I had tried which pleasantly surprised me! I felt like they were great quality, but that did come at a slightly steeper price than some of the Korean ones I had tried. For example, a Tony Moly one may cost me £2, but these will set you back £5-6. They are all soaked in product, that you easily get two uses out of the (I don't use the mask twice, but I put the essence in a little bowl and soak a clean mask in the remainder) so that does make it a little bit easier to swallow. The quality and fit of the masks is lovely, they all adhered well to the face and didn't dry out. They seemed to fit nicely and didn't get all drippy around the chin area (something to watch out for if you haven't yet tried a sheet mask, its my pet peeve!) and I genuinely felt like these made my skin look and feel fabulous. I will be making an order and I feel like thats a real testament as to whether a PR sent product works. I always ask myself, would I spend my own money on this. And yes Timeless Truth, yes I would, and I am excitedly waiting for a new order of masks to fill me up. 

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