Face Mask Friday: Heaven by Deborah Mitchell WillowBee Mask & Cleanse

When this hit my doorstep I squealed a little bit, not gonna lie. 
Deborah Mitchell for those who don't know - facialist to the stars, owner of the skincare brand Heaven and general lady boss who is killing it! If Deborah isn't tending to her month long waiting list, she's jetting to the oscars or to bloody Buckingham palace tending to the royals. Yeah, she's skincare big time stuff. I was super lucky to receive her renowned WillowBee mask and cleanse to review on my new series - face mask fridays. You could say i'm super into skincare at the moment, pairing this with Sheet Mask Sundays!

As soon as I ripped this open, it was on my face within minutes. I've been trialling it for almost a month now and have also been using it every day for a week, so you could say, I'm pretty familiar now with this mask. So lets get down to the nitty gritty.

The mask is sort of like a clay consistency. It never really dries on the face or sets like other traditional face masks do. Instead this one rather absorbs into the face, letting you know which areas are more dehydrated than others (for me, it absorbs more around my cheek areas and my forehead. The scent is really lovely, super calming with hints of lavender and the most subtle hint of honey, which makes it a real treat to put on after a long hard day at work. Afterwards, I just rinse it off to make sure it doesn't clog my pores and finish with a serum or essence and my night cream. My skin feels really refreshed afterwards and super calm. Any spots or redness are almost immediately alleviated (which definitely shows why Kate Middleton used the brand before her wedding day!). 

Would I buy it though? The ultimate testament to a PR product. 
Yes, I would but I'm not in a rush. The mask itself is very calming and luxurious. It feels like a real treat and my skin after felt very supple and hydrated. I think it worked much better as a mask rather than a cleanser. I do think there are other masks out there (particularly my Korean baes) that offer very similar for less of a steep price tag. However, there is no denying the quality of ingredients is there and if you are looking for something with a bit of luxury to it, the entire Heaven range will be well suited for you!

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