Disney 30 Week Countdown - Top 10 things to do at Animal Kingdom

I gotta admit, more than ANYTHING, I miss writing about Disney. It was one of my most happiest and just generally passionate things to write about and with the new year and me back on the blogging bandwagon, well and truly, I thought why not countdown my upcoming Disney trip, with some blog posts about my favourite place!

10) Watch Festival of the Lion King

For anyone who doesn't know - Festival of the Lion King is a show thats put on multiple times a day. Its stunning, with some amazing performers with amazing voices. Definitely worth seeing if you are a Lion King fan - who isn't!

9) Pet the animals at the petting zoo

Literally one of my favourite things to do! Over on Rifikis Watch there is a little petting zoo which admittedly is probably more for kids, but that never stopped me! Here you can meet (and groom!) pigs, goats, donkeys. Its cuteness overload. Here is my bestie Rose, who spent about 30mins with that piggy!

8) Eat a Worms and Dirt Sundae

Seriously, you won't regret it.

7) Eat a cupcake 

Animal Kingdom offers some amazing larger than life cupcakes that no other park offers. Have a look around and see what you can discover, I believe they change seasonally. And btw, they are HUGE. Me and my bestie got one each and it was way too much for both of us to handy. That little monkey one was the size of one of our heads!

6) Go to Rifikis Watch

Ultimate awkward tourist photo, but where else can you meet Rifiki himself! Also, there are some amazing educational things going on here. You can learn about the environment, meet baby animals and even see the Animal Kingdom vets treat animals sometimes. Its really good if you have kids!

5) Go on Expedition Everest 

One for the thrill seekers! One of my absolute favourite mountains of Disney World AND look how photogenic it is aswell!  No matter where you take a photo from, this mountain is guaranteed to look awesome. And seriously, its an awesome ride too. 

4) Eat at Yak and Yeti Quick Service

I'm telling ya, I have DREAMS about this place. 

3) Visit the Pangini Forest Trail Exploration

If you are looking for somewhere to have a relaxing stroll away from the crowds, the Pangini forest trail is beautiful. Its very well themed, you genuinely don't feel like you are in a theme park. Another educational experience if you will, but a great one, nonetheless. 

2) Get special Animal Kingdom ears

Because why wouldn't you!

1) Explore Kilimanjiro Safaris

Of course, I saved the best until last! The safari is one of the best parts of Animal Kingdom. I love how every time you go on it, it can be different, with different routes and different facts. I also love how its not rushed compared to other "safaris" I have been on. The "tour operator" will normally allow lots of time for pictures, while providing educational facts at the same time. Its a real treat. I recommend going on it at different times of the day too, to see lots of different animals basking in the Florida sun.

Honourable mentions definitely go out to "Its tough to be a bug" (love that ride!) and the various awesome meet and greets (And the full dining service Yak and Yeti) but regardless, these are my must do's! And I hope I included a little bit for everyone, whether you are a foodie, thrill seeker or just a general sight see'er! 

What would your must-do's be? Did I leave anything out?!

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  1. This is such a great list! I'm noting these all down for when I go :) We're going in about 28/29 weeks now (if I've calculated it right!) and I cannot wait to go back! :) Tania Michele xx


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