A Make Up Artists review of the Lord and Berry Seta Eyeshadows

If there is anything you gotta know about me, is when it comes to make up, I am three things. I am a consumer, I like to buy make up for the fun of it. I stalk instagram for the latest palettes and products and love trying and testing things out. Second - I am a make up artist. This means I look for quality, I want things to go above and beyond for the job I am doing. I also look for practicality, things that aren't bulky or breakable. And this one usually means I am way more critical on make up, because I'm looking for something completely extraordinary. Lastly, I'm a blogger. I occasionally get sent things for review and I love sharing my thoughts on products and reading what other people are reviewing. Put all three together - it makes me one tough cookie when it comes to reviewing make up!

When I was sent the new Lord and Berry eyeshadows, I was pretty intrigued  I had only tried Lord and Berry lip products before and eyeshadows for me are my achilles heel. I am a sucker for them! I was sent 4 perfectly autumnal colours in a navy, khaki green, grey and burgundy brown. All matte, bar one. Mattes are my absolute favourite eyeshadows to review, as they can go so wrong, or so right! So lets get to the actual fun stuff - the eyeshadows!

Here is my first look using the green and brown eyeshadow. I found the eyeshadows to be a  little on the powdery side, kicking up a lot of fall out from the pan but to be honest I didn't mind too much. They blended really really nicely. I did find the dark sparkly green had to be built up a lot to get the colour payoff I desired. 

The actual packaging of the eyeshadows is nice, compact, simple and elegant. More importantly they are nice and easy to depot, which I will admit I did after taking photographs! I can't stand carrying lots of little pots around in my kit, so these went straight in a Z palette. 

Quality wise, while they aren't any Anastasia Beverly Hills, they compare nicely to Sleek and even MAC in some cases. They blended well and even though they did take some building up, I didn't have to work too hard which I appreciated. I genuinely think, after looking on the website, there is a really decent colour range which could excite eyeshadow fans. I particularly like the look of the shimmery shades, even though in this case, the mattes performed a lot better for me! However, the question I always ask: would I buy these? 

I think thats a hard one, as I definitely like to swatch first of all. I think as I have SO many eyeshadow colours, it would really take a special shade to catch my eye. But if you are buying blind, do rest assured, the quality is there and you won't be disappointed. 

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