Wednesday, 29 June 2016

52 Weeks of Disney: Week 19 - The Jungle Book Shere Khan

The Jungle Book is one of the first Disney films I ever remember watching. I actually remember watching it on Christmas Day for some reason with my dad. And I watched it over and over and over and over again. I mean who doesn't love the Jungle Book? And do you remember the game. Oh my god the game swallowed up so much of my childhood! 
As always though, with many of these looks, I can't resist recreating the villain. And for this one, I went all out and incorporated lips as well. I just couldn't help myself.  Shere Khan as villainous and evil as he is, is damn fabulous too. 

And then I couldn't help myself. I've really been loving lip-art recently and saw such a cool zebra print one the other day on Instagram, so totally got into the spirit of things on my lips too!

It was surprisingly easy to do! Literally coat the lips in orange and then I used a small nibbed liquid liner to draw on imprecise lines. I made some thick, some zig-zagged, some tiny ones and voila. Quite tiger like I think! 

I used mostly MAC which was unintentional. I recently bought MAC Orange eyeshadow and couldn't wait to use it. Its incredible. So pigmented and matte. Definitely recommend if you're in the market for a new orange shadow! Other than that I just used a bunch of different liners it seems! But this was definitely a fun look, I really enjoyed it and it really bought out the creativity. Having to think about what shapes on the eye would look good and what I could do to make it represent Shere Khan more. 

P/S: How good was the Jungle Book live action?! I thought it was incredible!!

Kayleigh x

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Monday, 27 June 2016

Top 10 MAC products for your kit

MAC is definitely not the be all and end all of make up products. In fact in my kit I own more Urban Decay and Too Faced shadows than any other. But MAC do have some gems especially for make up artists out there, so I thought it would be handy to do a top 10 MAC products for your kit post. These are my top 10, some favourites that may not even be on your radar and are seriously worth checking out! So without further ado, here are my top 10!

1) Face and Body foundation

I know some artists (and models) that may absolutely despise MAC, but will have this in their kits. It is an absolute gem to the brand and I honestly don't know what I would do without it. I fell in love with it when I was a consumer more than anything, it just makes the skin LOOK like skin but better. It works beautifully, blends beautifully, photographs beautifully and is just all round, such a good versatile foundation for kits. I don't know anyone who doesn't like it or appreciate it for what it is! 

2) Strobe Cream

I don't know an artist who doesn't love Strobe Cream. Such a little wonder product, I can't get enough of the stuff. Mixed into foundation, it makes skin look glowy and angelic. Dabbed onto the tops of cheekbones, its perfect for that skin like glow (not that instagram cray cray highlight). I use before foundation to brighten skin up, to give moisture to the skin and add luminosity. On more editorial shoots, its perfect just pushed through the eye socket to give a glowy angelic sort of finish. Its perfect, a kit must have. 

3) Prep and Prime highlighter pens

Right now, highlighter is having a bit of a moment (thanks Kim) so I have these for more my special occasion clients and brides. I love them for cleaning up under the eye and the obvious... highlighting. But they are also really nice to colour correction and little touches like the brow bone, cupids bow, cleaning up the lip ect... MAC have also recently expanded the line to include more colours, super handy!

4) Lip liners 

For me, MAC lip liners beat them all. I have tried countless other brands but MAC sits on top of the throne here. I especially love the pro longwear lip pencils as they are slightly more creamy and i'm not kidding, they last a full 9 hour shift on me. Essentials for my kit; Cherry, Brick, Nice and Spicy, Spice, Nightmoth, Talking Points, Boldly Bare, Subculture, Whirl (because clients love a Kardashian lip right now) Stripdown, Morning Coffee and Cork. 

5) Concealer palettes

MAC do four different colour varieties of these palettes and they are all you will ever need. These palettes contain the notorious Studio Finish Concealer, a heavy duty full coverage bad boy that you only need the tiniest dab of to cover pretty much anything. While I hate this under the eyes, I love it for blemishes and tattoos and I love that these are so kit friendly, they just slot nicely into place. I talked more about my favourite kit concealers here and these were featured in that post!

6) Studio Careblend Powders

As mentioned in my kit post, I think Studio Careblend is the MAC hidden secret that nobody talks about. For me this powder beats Studio Fix hands down. Its soft, photographs beautifully, doesn't go cakey and blurs the skin like a natural instagram filter. Definitely go swatch it in store, it feels so beautiful and soft!

7) Colour Correctors

For me I could not LIVE without these and think they deserve a little bit more attention than they actually get. My preferred of choice are the orange (adjust) and the yellow (neutralise) for dark circles and pigmentation and yellow for redness. Seriously, these are too useful and well worth it if you suffer with bad dark circles and redness yourself. They just mean concealers have to do less work and have less chance to go cakey. The product photographed is the older style of colour correcter. They are in exactly the same tube though, just called CC now :)

8) x9 palettes

already have a post on these here and I think that explains way better why I love these. But to sum up, their size is super handy, they work with almost every skin tone and eye colour and have pretty much every shade you would need for a basic kit. I use burgundy on pretty much 9/10 of my clients for special occasion make up. They are seriously good and well worth the money. They are £25 whereas two single MAC eyeshadows would set you back £26. You do the math. 

9) Brushes

I admit, I cheated! I had to put lots of brushes into one category because there are simply tonnes of MAC brushes I am just obsessed with. Some of my fav's, 217 for blending (I have 6!) 224 for blending and concealer, 188 for foundation, 210 for eyeliner. The list is endless so I'll just insert this picture!

10) Brow Pencils 

Despite the fact these run out quickly, I find myself reaching for these over any other brow product in my kit. I love how easy they are to both use and store in your kit. The shade range has something to suit everyone and I just cannot say it enough, these are foolproof to use. You can create structured insta brows, or super soft fluffy model brows. They are amazing. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my top 10 MAC favourites. I would love to know your favourite MAC products in the comments below! I always find it interesting, as everyone is different!

Kayleigh x

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Friday, 24 June 2016

10 products I couldn't live without in my MUA kit

My MUA posts always seem to be quite well received, so I thought I would do a 10 products I could not ever live without in my kit. These are products I probably use 9 out of 10 times, if not EVERY time I work on a client. These are my tried and tested, I could not do half as a good a job without them and if they are ever discontinued my life would be over sorta thing. Thats how much I love these!

1 - Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit

This little bad boy has every single colour I could ever need for eyebrows. I just love it and Anastasia perfectly hit the nail on the head with this palette. While expensive, I have used it more times than I can imagine and can always find a shade for even the fairest, reddest or darkest of brows. Its amazing. 

2 - Bobbi Brown BBU palette

Most make up artist kits feature the infamous BBU palette. This Bobbi Brown palette features an extensive range of its cream foundations and on the other side of the palette which isn't pictured (its kinda messy!) is the world famous Bobbi Brown colour correctors and creamy concealers. SO good. It has everything I need for both concealing and occasionally foundations (although I very rarely reach for the foundation side if i'm honest. The Bobbi Brown creamy concealers are fab, definitely try if you are in the market for a new concealer

3 - MAC Face and Body foundation

Every make up artist you ever find, no doubt will have face and body in their kit. Its MAC's hidden gem in their range and I can't blow its horn enough. It provides the most skin-like finish, so perfected and model like, with a consistency that makes it incredibly useful for building up coverage. Its very dewy which some clients love but most of the time I'll powder down, but has no SPF in it, making it photograph nicely. A real gem and I couldn't honestly live without it in my kit. 

4 - Urban Decay/Too Faced Palettes

In my kit I have all 3 Urban Decay Naked palettes and two of the Too Faced Chocolate bars. I mainly do bridal and special occasion make up, so find these have everything I need in them. Plus they are a great size for slotting nicely in my kit and have awesome colour pigmentation and blendability. A solid 10 for me!

5 - MAC lashes 

I have mentioned on the blog a few times how much I love MAC lashes. For me, they are so well made, so easy to apply and the band is perfect for making sure my clients don't have the nightmare of them popping off halfway through the night (or day!) I've tried Ardell, Eylure and other brands of lash, but find that the band on them is sometimes quite stiff and just never sits as nice as the MAC ones. They have so many different styles as well, something to suit everyones needs and tastes. And my clients often love that they are wearing MAC lashes

5 - Scandinavia Setting Spray

Put down your MAC Fix + and Urban Decay setting spray, this knocks them both out of the park. I have the bridal one, but I can vouch all of the Scandinavia sprays are gold. I could NOT live without this, especially on my brides. 

6 - Laura Mercier Primer 
7 - Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

I absolutely love Laura Mercier, I think its just a lovely brand. Not only do they do amazing tinted moisturisers, but their primers and powders are bomb. The secret brightening powder is not only amazing for under eyes, but I use it all over my clients to give a soft blurred finish to the skin. The Laura Mercier foundation primer is actually one that for some reason doesn't work too great on me, but for other people seems to be a lovely base for make up and ensure that make up lasts all day. Both gems that I highly recommend. 

8 - Mineralize Skinfinishes

I have a bit of a weird obsession with MAC Mineralise skin finishes. I just love them! Definitely a collection item for me. But I did find myself not using them and put them in my kit to see if they would get more love there. They certainly do and make the most beautiful collection of highlighters and blushers for me to dip into. I love the pearlescent finish to them and it photographs so nicely. Definitely depot them though into some dome shaped z-palettes. 
9 - MAC Pigments 

I love MAC pigments. I can't say enough good things about these versatile long wearing little pots of amazement. I use Tan SO often on my brides, Vanilla to highlight, reflects gold and bronze on night out ladies, copper sparkle, reflects pink to highlight. The list is endless. They are so perfectly compact and they never ever run out either, such a kit essential in my opinion. 

10 - Zoeva Brushes 

When I first started building my kit, I put a lot of heart and soul into searching for my perfect brush set for clients. I eventually settled on Zoeva and would never ever ever look back. Zoeva brushes are hands down, some of the best I have ever used. I love my MAC brushes, but at the time, I couldn't afford an entire MAC brush set and Zoeva were so affordable and the quality is great. They have lasted me so well as you can see, they look brand new after every single wash. Their eye brushes are some of the best, I eventually want to get another set for myself!

So thats my list, my secret 10 products that make my job so much easier. I love reading other make up artists favourites and finding some new products to try and put on my hit list, so leave any suggestions down below of what you think I should try! But for now I hope you enjoyed reading my top 10 favourites!

Kayleigh x

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

50 quick Disney World tips and tricks!

So exciting news. Exciting news indeed. Guess who has booked to go back to Disney!!
This will be my 6th time, can you believe that? I feel so incredibly privileged to be able to say that. I will be going next year, from the 11th until the 25th September 2017, staying at Carribbean Beach resort, somewhere I have never stayed before eep! I absolutely cannot wait and to share the excitement, I'm going to be doing a weekly disney related post alongside my others as a sort of mini countdown for myself. I love writing about my trips and travelling and this time I'm planning a few things I haven't done before, so look out for those! SO without further ado, here are my 50 quick tips and tricks for Disney World! 

  1. Never underestimate the importance of planning. You will fit so much more into your trip, do so much more, enjoy so much more and remember so much more if you adequately plan.
  2. Take photographs of everything! You never know what Disney will get rid of next, so get snap happy.  
  3. Do your math. There are SO many deals on the internet and every year prices change and fluctuate so much. Sometimes the dining plan isn't worth it and sometimes buying it out of pocket saves you money. Do the math and make it a fun part of your planning!
  4. Get up early. Enjoy the welcome shows and the parks when they are dead. 
  5. But also have a lay in. You are on holiday after all. And Disney is exhausting.
  6. Make those dining reservations ASAP. I have never eaten at Be Our Guest, can you believe it. I just can never get reservations. I have missed SO many amazing dining opportunities because I didn't get in there quick enough. 
  7. Hit up wal-mart. You'll come to see how expensive water can be at Disney. Don't bother using a precious snack credit on it. Hit up wal-mart when you arrive and fill up on the essentials. We always buy water (or for my boyfriend... mountain dew!), breakfast croissants and muffins, chips, things like that to save us money. 
  8. Take advantage of every experience. Do all the fireworks, all the shows, all the rides no matter how much you think you won't like them. My favourite is the Enchanted Tiki Room, which everyone laughs at, but I absolutely love it. 
  9. Use those photo pass photographers. You'll 100% get a photograph you love. 
  10. Never listen to 5 minute queue times. It pretty much always means walk on. 
  11. Go with your best friend. My favourite trip was with my bestie, I made so many wonderful memories. 
  12. Running shoes are your best friend. Trust me. Your feet will thank me later.
  13. Sunscreen is SO important. Florida is hot yo. 
  14. Driving is quicker than the buses. Something we recently discovered. We were cutting out times to and from the park substantially and it took so much stress out of our holiday. No more freezing AC when you're soaking wet! 
  15. Downloading the My Disney Experience App will change your life.
  16. Buy a perfume at the duty free. I bought Estee Lauder Bronze goddess and that has now become my florida scent.
  17. Take a towel in your backpack. You have no idea HOW much you will need it for wiping off seats, to wiping yourself down after a Florida shower. 
  18. Rent a car. We will never ever look back. It gives you so much freedom. 
  19. Finding hidden mickeys is great fun and a really good time passer for when you're in the queues. Buy the little hidden mickey book and happy searching! Although I warn you, it gets very addictive. 
  20. If you're on the dining plan and have leftover snack credits, buy little cookies and take them home as gifts!
  21. Make room for pool days. I have so many regrets about not spending more time at the water parks. 
  22. Don't forget lots of dollar bills for tipping!
  23. Take a look on Etsy and get some fun ears. They are great talking points for characters and get you talking to other guests. I have some Ratatouille ones, Baymax ones and Arlo ones for my next trip! 
  24. If you're staying on a Disney resort, check out the amenities it has to offer. Some resorts offer bike-rides, movies under the stars, activities for kids, boat rentals, golf, loads of things to do! 
  25. If you have booked with Virgin, they offer complimentary luggage check out service at Downtown Disney. This is great because it means you don't have to lug your luggage to the airport, get some more Disney time and it takes away a huge stress (for me anyway!). If you didn't book with Virgin but are flying with them, i'm pretty sure you can pay for this service
  26. If you are staying on a Disney resort, take advantage of sending your bought souvenirs back to your resort. There's nothing more annoying than having to lug heavy mugs, fragile pieces of artwork or even just big bags full of plushies around with you. So get them sent to your resort and pick them up when you return back to the resort.
  27. Check out all the hidden gift shops. Some of them sell things you can't get anywhere else. In the Paris pavilion of Epcot, I found a HAVEN of Remy merch, just waiting to be discovered. In Animal Kingdom there is clothing, cute dresses and jewellery that can't be found anywhere else. If you see something you like, get it! Chances are you won't find it at World of Disney.
  28. And on that note, if you see something you want, buy it there and then. Things sell out so quickly. I fell in love with a jacket, planned to come back and get it further into the holiday and everywhere completely sold out. If you want it, get it!
  29. One word. Ponchos. 
  30. Take screenshots of your dining reservations and fast passes on the My Disney Experience App. Sometimes wi-fi in the park can be a bit temperamental and if you're anything like me and can't remember times, a screenshot can be very handy.
  31. Also take photos of any car-lot numbers, locker numbers and things like that. Trust me, you'll need em. 
  32. Visit the boardwalk. SO many people forget about it. Its such a calm and pretty place, a lovely break away from the hustle and bustle. 
  33. Don't spend your dining plan credits on needless things like $1 plastic cheese and water. it would be more worthwhile for you to pay out of pocket for these sorts of things and use the credits on bigger snack items like cupcakes and dole whips! 
  34. Really think about those extra magic hours. While staying later in Magic Kingdom, so does everyone else and sometimes it can work out quite busy. I find getting to Magic Kingdom earlier for opening much more worthwhile. 
  35. Want a castle shot while Magic Kingdom is closed? Book a dining reservation at Crystal Palace or Cinderella's Royal Table. 
  36. If you're staying in a Disney resort, Mousekeeping can do some really cool things for your little ones. Try leaving out some stuffed toys and see what happens! 
  37. Invest in a waterproof case for your phone if you're planning on going to the waterparks. You can get some really nice shots that you otherwise wouldn't be able to get!
  38. Did you know you can walk from Epcot to Hollywood Studios? I only found this out on my last trip. Its a beautiful walk particularly in the evening. 
  39. Some quick service meals are so big they can be shared! Cosmic Rays in particular has huge portions. 
  40. If you have a large group, for as little as $15-20 each, you can grab a private cabana at the waterparks. They work out quite expensive for just a couple, but a large party can take advantage of shade, private sun loungers and a great location. 
  41. Did you know Disney offers way more than just theme parks and great food. You can swim with dolphins, be part of some super cool tours, learn to surf at Typhoon Lagoon, starlight safaris at Animal Kingdom and so much more. They are kinda pricey, but I think next year, I'll be doing some of these!
  42. Don't forget that some of the best restaurants are at the resorts! 
  43. Unless its peak season, you needn't waste a fast pass on Fantasmic. You can get great seats showing up 10 minutes before!
  44. Do some research into the type of resort you are staying at. Art of Animation is great for theming and children but may not be so good if you're looking into a relaxing couple getaway. Saratoga Springs is perfectly located near Disney Springs, but may be a little boring for younger kids. 
  45. If you're on the dining plan, don't be reluctant using your credits. My boyfriend AND best friend both insisted on saving theirs and ended up wasting a bunch of credits. Better to use them than let them go to waste.
  46. There are some wonderfully hidden spots in almost every park to relax and have a perch. In Epcot, I love the benches at the back of the UK pavilion, in Magic Kingdom, the sideway streets around Main Street always have a nice place to people watch. I also love walking to the Yacht and Beach Club and swinging in their rocking chairs, watching the world go by. 
  47. Don't underestimate the power of pin trading. I thought it was kinda pointless, but my best friend got super hooked when we went and she got me into it too! Although I never made my own lanyard, I always was on the look out for pins for her!
  48. If it starts to rain, DON'T head home. The parks will clear out and you can enjoy a relaxing empty park. Just put your poncho on and go about your day. And keep waterproof shoes in your backpack just in case. Remember a rainy day at Disney is better than a sunny day back home! 
  49. If you're a tea addict, take tea with you. Same with gum!
  50. The plastic souvineer cups always work out better value money than the cups you buy in shops AND more unique. Always grab a souvenir cup. They won't break in your bag compared to a mug and are great little memories for home!
So those are my 50 quick (or not so quick) tips and tricks for WDW. If you have an upcoming trip, I hope some of these have been handy and if not, I hope you learnt something regardless!
I'll see you for my next Disney post next week, eep!

Kayleigh x

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Monday, 20 June 2016

Building my Kit #6: Concealers

Welcome back to my building my kit series! In the sixth segment of my building my kit series, I am going to be going through the concealers I chose for my kit. Concealers are very very important. When done right, the client can look flawless and feel so much more confident when they don't have blemishes or dark circles. Done wrong... well I've seen many Kim Kardashian interpretations go very wrong indeed (and trust me, I tried the Kim look myself, its a toughie to get right!)

I toyed with many different concealer sets, the Inglot freedom system where you can make your own palette, RCM....but eventually went with the MAC concealer palettes. I like MAC concealers and these didn't seem too bad value for money. I ended up getting light and medium to start me off and plan on getting the darker one soon!

This concealer is amazing for tattoo coverage, spot and acne concealing and my personal fav... eyebrows! You won't believe the amount of clients who want Instagram brows, this is a godsend. While I wouldn't use it on the under-eye area as I find it too drying and can enhance the area in a bad way, its perfect and full coverage for everything else. 

I also added the Bobbi Brown BBU palette to my kit. This is undoubtly the ONE item I see in every professional make up artists kit, so when it popped up one day on the Bobbi Brown website I grabbed it faster than I've ever purchased anything in my LIFE. And without a doubt, it is THE best purchase to my kit I have made! One side contains the Bobbi Brown stick foundations, which to be honest I rarely rarely use. The one surprising thing about the BBU palette is how small it is, so the concealer side for me gets a lot more use. 

Other little additions, I have a few of the MAC Pro Longwear concealers. These are by far one of my favourites, so creamy, great coverage and look good on everyone. The glass bottles are a great size for travelling too. I mainly use these on the undereyes, but also for highlighting as well. On myself recently I have been enjoying MAC Select Cover-up and MAC Moisturecover however, so hope to add a few more shades of these into my kit soon. While prolongwear is amazing, these offer a little bit more of a natural finish, and Select cover up can be used as a foundation as well, super compact for my kit.

I love the MAC CC creams too for colour correcting. I could not LIVE without the orange one if a client has particularly bad undereye circles. Pop it on before concealer and you'll find you need less concealer as the CC cream does most of the work. Amazing stuff. This is the older packaging, but it is still available just in a newer bottle :)

Last but not least, I love the MAC Prep and Prime highlighting pens. Not so much for concealing, but more for highlighting, they are super easy to use and come in many different tones so there is a highlighter suitable for everyone. I love Radiant Rose for my lighter skinned gals and Light Boost as well. I also have the By Terry Touche Veloutee. I am an avid follower of Make Up 411, which is a website which collects data on what make up artists use on TV and film sets. I always saw the Touche Veloutee popping up, it is a beautiful product albeit a little bit expensive. Maybe if I'm ever a celebrity artist I can fill my kit with these eh!

So there you have it. Generally if you are just starting i'd say grab the Bobbi Brown BBU palette for sure, it has everything you need. The MAC CC creams are also amazing and will make your job a hell of a lot easier, trust me! The MAC palettes as well offer great value for money and are tried and tested! 

Kayleigh x

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