Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Sephora X Minnie Mouse Collection: World in Colour Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

It has been long awaited. I spent the good part of almost 6 months excitedly waiting for this collection, after coveting the beautiful Sephora and Disney princess releases they did a couple of years ago. I was a woman obsessed. And the second these bad boys launched, I nabbed me one straight away. If you didn't know, Sephora has quite a history releasing Disney inspired make up, more specifically their eyeshadow palettes. Have a look at their Jasmine, Cinderella and Ariel ones they did, I was obsessed. So did their newest collaborator, Minnie Mouse, live up to their previous collections? 

So what exactly is the World of Colour palette. It includes 20 aptly named eyeshadows inspired by Disney's leading lady, Minnie Mouse. It is a limited edition palette although it hasn't sold out quite yet. 

So I normally start with a run down on the packaging. The palette is housed in a collectable Minnie Mouse clutch. I don't want to be a negative nancy and while I do think the clutch is absolutely adorable and the design is perfectly Minnie, I don't think its practical. I'm buying an eyeshadow palette, I want something that will slot nicely into my make up collection, but the packaging on this feels clunky and awkward. The eyeshadow palette and mirror can be slotted out and the clutch can be used as exactly what it was intended for, a clutch bag. But realistically I'm never going to use it for that purpose, I want an eyeshadow palette and sadly I just think the design falls short. In the past, I have loved examining every element of the palettes and finding all the little hidden quotes and easter eggs. But the most you get with this is a small Minnie charm and Minnie's signature etched onto the mirror. I just wasn't in love and feel like both Sephora and Disney could have done a lot better. Regardless I do like the initial patterning and think the gold polka dots are a lovely sentiment, I just don't like the design and find it impractical. 

Moving onto the eyeshadows themselves, I find the names unfitting. For some reason "flirt in a skirt" strikes me as odd for Minnie Mouse and "ex boyfriend" as well. I feel like there could have been so many more names that fitted Minnie a little bit better, but again I wasn't in love. Compared to the Cinderella palette where you had a beautiful seafoam green called Cinderelly and a dark brown called Gus. I just feel like they could have done better. The eyeshadow selection seemed nice though, with some neutral colours to suit everyone and some pops of colour for the make up addicts in us, I was excited to swatch.

The eyeshadows themselves are of differing sizes, which to me strikes me as both odd and just doesn't satisfy my need to have everything the same shape and size in the palette, but I would get over it! Just worth noting my irrational OCD!

Generally I thought it was a bit hit and miss. The pigmentation was OK, but after this I swatched the Urban Decay shadows and they just blew these away. They are OK, thats all I can say about them. The pigmentation is a little off and they are quite powdery and require some building up, but some have great pigmentation and are buttery and soft. It seems the mattes suffer more than anything, which does seem common with Sephora shadows. I did create a few looks before doing the review and they last quite well over a primer but its honestly nothing to write home about. My favourites were "flirt in a skirt" - despite hating the name, I love this as a transition colour. "Some like it dot" has beautiful pigmentation and feels like butter to apply, whereas most of the bottom row has great pigment as well. 

So, this turned out to be quite the disappointment didn't it. I feel like Sephora could have done so much better. They had set the bar SO high with the princess collections, and I feel like it shows with the fact this is yet to be sold out. The design was impractical and felt rushed to me, with so much potential missed out on. The eyeshadow names and lack of exciting colours that could so have embodied Minnie Mouse (where's my bold red at or super intense white?). I guess I just felt let down and I'm sure many others who were as excited as me did too. I'm still holding out hope that in the future they will collaborate again and finish off the princess line, because that collection was gold! But until then, i'll keep collecting! If you are interested in adding the palette to your collection, it is still available at Sephora here, for $45. 

Kayleigh x

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Thursday, 19 May 2016

52 Weeks of Disney: Week 16 - Lady and the Tramp

I have to admit, I was pretty stumped on what to do for Lady and the Tramp. I re-watched the film, which was an absolute pleasure as I had forgotten how cute it was, but no characters stood out to me as colourful or creative and I hit a bit of a wall! 
I took to Pinterest to get some inspiration and decided to do a warm brown smokey eye, using shades inspired by none other than the leading Lady herself. I have to admit, I'm not crazy in love with this look, and may recreate at some point in the future, but I thought I would post it anyway until inspiration hits!

I busted out my newest palette for this look - the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Through the Looking glass palette (which I shall be reviewing soon!) which has the most perfect warm browns in it perfect for replicating that fiery brown coat Lady has. I'm looking forward to seeing what other looks I can create using this palette, but for now I will say its the same superior quality we have come to expect from the Urbz. 

So that's my look! As I said, not entirely happy with it, I think I could have done better. But I'll practise for the future I think and get back to you with a 2.0 look! Next week is Sleeping Beauty, which I am super excited for. I have already done the look and cannot wait to share it with you!

Kayleigh x

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Friday, 13 May 2016

#WellnessWednesday #1 : Going Carb Free

Do you remember that time I went super healthy and fitness junkie?

I miss it. It was the healthiest I had ever been and I felt so amazing at the time. Not just outside but inside. I had bundles of energy and felt strong and empowered. Fast forward two years and I am the heaviest and unhealthiest I have ever been. I guess for a combination of reasons excuses, the past two years have involved a lot of change, and my fitness didn't keep up.

Well thats about to change! I don't know what kicked my butt into gear exactly. I think it was walking into the toilets in my new job. They have these huge mirrors and I remember seeing myself walk towards them and being insanely unhappy. If you know me, you know I don't like being unhappy (I mean does anyone?) but I have always taken active steps toward my own happiness. Be it getting rid of bad people in my life, to changing my lifestyle to something that makes me happier, to surrounding myself with happy things and people. I like being happy. But at this moment and for a while before, I had been fairly unhappy with the way I looked, but more importantly the way I felt. I knew I was unhealthy. 

So I made the decision to go green. I wanted to kick-start my eating patterns and only eat foods that would fuel my body. I have been carb free for a week now and wanted to update you all on my progress. (Side note: I haven't gone completely carb free, carbs are in almost everything, from bananas to vegetables. But I have for the most part given up pasta, bread, crisps, sugar and sweets, dairy and potato)

I'm not gonna lie, that first couple of days was harddddd. I was having all the symptoms of someone who had given up smoking! I was grumpy, lifeless and had headaches like you wouldn't believe. But then day 3 came around and I started to feel a bit better, I started to look less bloated and my stomach was less hard. My eating habits before were pretty insane. Consisting of white bread, copious chocolate bars (for breakfast eeeep) and crisps. Barely anything good for my body passed my lips. But I noticed by day 3, I felt like I could get up in the mornings a bit easier. And throughout the day I was more engaged and energetic. 

Right now, 7 days into my new lifestyle change I can say I have eaten carbs. My mum came down to visit, so I did indulge in some carby lobster mac and cheese goodness whilst she was here. But 90% of my week has been filled with salads, fruit and protein, which isn't bad going to be honest! And we're all allowed a little treat or life isn't worth living! 
I've been eating fruit for breakfast, be it a quick fruit salad I whip up the night before to half a honeydew melon. I'll sometimes have a mid morning snack, like an apple, banana or satsumas, depending on what shift I'm on. 
Every lunchtime I'll make myself a salad as you can see up above. Either mackerel salad (side note, this is an older picture I found, the salads i've been eating have not included potato.. sadly!) or just chicken. To be honest, as bad as "having a salad" sounds, I've really enjoyed eating them. I've tried to fill them with as much flavour as possible, using onions and peppers to try and liven them up! 
Dinners I have kept quite light. I'll usually have chicken, either stir fried or grilled with vegetables or a small amount of brown rice to satisfy me.

I haven't found myself particularly hungry yet if i'm honest. There has been at no point me thinking to myself "gosh I'm starving" which shows me before I was definitely overeating. So hopefully my week 2 will go as smoothly as week 1! 

Next week goals:

  • I want to focus more on water consumption this week, as I'm not drinking nearly as much as I should be! 
  • Prep prep prep. Even though I haven't slipped up yet, with my shifts I do struggle to sometimes grab food, especially breakfast. So I want to make time in my week to try and pre-prep meals so I can just go to the fridge and go!
  • Continue eating smaller dinners and bigger breakfasts. 
So that was my first week of being a low carb monster and its honestly not as hard as I thought it would be! Hopefully I can say the same for next week!

Kayleigh x

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Monday, 9 May 2016

May 2016 Blog Sale

So you may or may not know, but I made the big old move to London this month! And while i've been unpacking I've come to the realisation that I really have quite a bit of unloved make up that NEEDS to go. 
So I thought I would do one big old blog sale to celebrate the occasion, after all, one womans unloved lipstick is another womans treasure! So happy shopping and hopefully you find something you like :)

Mars The Happening Palette. Used but still a lot of life in it! Includes Laguna bronzer and Orgasm blusher. £25

Nars God Created Woman Palette
Lightly used

Nars Pierre Hardy Blsuhers. Both used once. Overlay slightly faded.
£20 each or both for £30.

Nars One Night Stand blusher palette. Used a handful of times. £35

Nars At First Sight Palette. Lightly used again. Includes laguna bronzer.

Nars New Wave eyeshadow palette. Used twice.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion, travel size.

Unii Magnetic Palette. Similar to the Z-Palette

Armani Lipsticks in Sheer Red and Peony Pink. £10 each.
Armani Lash ecstasy. Used once. £10.
Armani Regenessence eye serum. Worth £65. £15.

Benefit Bella Bamba and Hervana Blushers. £10 each.
Benefit Bad Gal Lash. Used a handful of times but sharpened once. £10.
Benefit High Beam and Sun Beam samples. £3 for both.
Benefit Fine One One Blusher. Used a handful of times. £15

Lime Crime bundle. Every single discontinued magic dust. Very hard to find! All Unused and unopened. £65 and includes the eyeliners.

Bundle of brushes. White ones are Elf. Some Body shop and M&S thrown in too. £5

Boreal Mega Volume Mascara Manga. Used twice. Only bought in the last month.  £3
Armani Green liner. Used once. £5
Cargo khaki green liner. Used once. £3.

Katy Perry Killer queen perfume. Big Size. Sprayed once. Selling because I already have one haha!

Stila Merry and Bright palette. Includes Lilliam cream blusher. £7.
Rimmel lipstick in Best of the Best. £3.
Smashbox Halo highlighter pen. Love this, but bought too many haha! £6.

This here is my custom Urban Decay palette. Every single book of shadows, depotted into an extra large Z palette. All of the eyeshadows are named on the base. With lots of room to fit more. With this you will also get the Z - Palette. 


  • Postage will be £2.50 for standard items. £3.50 for larger items. They will be sent with proof of postage but will not go recorded unless you would like to pay the extra. If any loss occurs due to this, it will be at your own risk. 
  • My post days will be on Saturdays. Next date to post will be Saturday 14th.
  • To buy please leave a comment below. If you cannot do that, i will accept email to: or tweet me @kayleighkmua. 
Happy shopping!

Kayleigh x

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

A to Z of Disney World in Photos!

My last Disney World photo post (which you can find here) went down surprisingly well! So I thought I would do a similar post today, because to be honest, I really like looking back at my photos of Disney AND equally, love seeing beautiful photography on other peoples blogs. Every Disney trip, I do try and improve my photography and always aim to take some better photos than the last trip. So this is my little collection of A to Z in Disney World in photos!

A is for Art of Animation 

B is for Boardwalk

C is for Casey's Corner

D is for Dole Whip

E is for Entrance 

F is for Fultons

G is for Glow-tini

H is for Hidden Mickey

I is for Illuminations 

J is for Japan

K is for Kilimanjiro 

L is for Lobster Roll

M is for Mickey's Not So Scary

N is for New Fantasyland 

O is for One Mans Dream 

P is for Pizza Planet

Q is for Quest 

R is for Rockin' 

S is for Splash

T is for Tomorrow land 

U is for Universe of Energy

V is for Villa

W is for Walt  

X is for X-mas 

Y is for Yak and Yeti 

Z is for Zero

I cannot wait to visit Disney again after looking through my photo albums. I miss the smell the air and music that plays. Today I'm 100% dreaming of Disney. 

Let me know if you have any posts like this! I absolutely love Disney photography, so let me know if you do happen to write one!

Kayleigh x

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