Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Sharing the Blog Love: My Top 5 Disney Bloggers

So I kinda loved sharing the Blog Love last week. It made me feel all happy inside to know I had spread some positivity around! This time I thought I would share my top #5 Disney bloggers. These guys know their shizz on the world of disney, their blogs I am constantly checking daily for my little fix of disney. Definitely check these guys out if the disney obsession is strong! And if you aren't too interested in disney, I did my top 5 MUA blogs here a couple of weeks ago! 

The first Disney blog I ever started reading and have done religiously since. Tom and Sarah are my go-to's for dining recommendations, photography tips, resort reviews and their amazing photography in general. At the moment I am trawling their blog for RunDisney tips as I'm desperately trying to get a place in the Disneyland Paris 5k/half marathon. They have the best tips and tricks and inspire me so much to take better photos, blog more about Disney and visit as often as I can (don't know if thats a good thing for my bank balance however!) A must check out for all you Disney bloggers out there. 

I actually first became friends with Lottie on Instagram and have since seen her thrive into a wonderful, active blogger who I am so happy to call my internet friend. She is nothing but supportive of me and truly sprinkles Pixie Dust wherever she goes. I love her blog for RunDisney tips and tricks, she makes me want to become a better more active person and has actually inspired me to try and get a place on the Disneyland Paris Half Marathon (fingers crossed!). She's also coming up with her own Disney inspired fitness line, which I cannot wait for!

Again another one I have been reading for a long long time. The Disney Food Blog does exactly what it says on the tin, it reviews the wonderful food options from full service dining to cocktails to snacks. This is a must check out for any foodies out there especially if like me you get excited about booking your advance dining reservations. 

Amy has been one of my favourite bloggers for a long long time and someone who I now consider a friend. Her blog is stunning and I love that she makes her own designs (and has made some of mine in the past) If you want a fabulously girly blog, with a sprinkle of pixie dust thrown in, Amy is your girl! My only wish is she blogged more! P/S: her boyfriends vlog
 of Disneyland Paris MADE my life. 

Another blog I've followed since the beginning stages. One of my favourite things about Nicole's blog is her merchandise posts, I love how she posts about things like Disney make up collections (obvs a love of mine!) and clothing. Its perfectly girly, but her blog doesn't discriminate. I also really like her guest posts (something I never thought I'd say) but I always find her guest posts to be some of my favourites. They are well picked and always relevant, but change things up a bit! Her make up reviews are my favourite though, as its hard to come by bloggers that review Disney make up! I hope she reviews the Sephora Minnie Mouse collection!

This was a hard post to do, as I found it hard to whittle down my favourites that I might just do another post next month on some more of my favourite disney bloggers!
Leave me a comment below sharing some of your blog love! Its good to spread some positivity and I'm always on the hunt for new reading material! :)

Kayleigh x

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Monday, 28 March 2016

MAC Monday: The Big Mascara Post

When I was 17, I bought my first MAC mascara. It was actually my second MAC product (my first being Pervette lipstick!) and the first product I actually hated from the brand. In actual fact, MAC do a plethora of mascaras, much like their foundation family and I had been unfortunate enough to choose the wrong one for my eyelashes. Much like foundations, not every mascara from MAC fits all, so it wasn't until years later that I found my mascara love would actually be something entirely different. 

So this post is intended for people who perhaps want to try a MAC mascara but have no idea where to look, or perhaps you have tried one before and had a similar experience to me! So here is the great big post all about MAC mascaras!

Zoom lash was the first MAC mascara I tried and to be fair, in the 10 years its been since I tried it last, its not as bad as it used to be. The brush is a pretty standard brush, quite skinny with a tapered end. Great if you like your mascara brushes to be easy and not too bulky. My lashes for the record are extremely straight, almost pointing downwards. So my routine goes something like this, curl - 1st coat - curl - second coat. So that's kinda what you see here. The first coat always makes my lashes drop, although with zoom, the drop isn't too bad. I'd say this mascara is great for building up depth and definition, compared to the other mascaras you'll see down below, Zoom definitely makes them look the thickest and more falsie like! Zoom also comes in extra black and waterproof! The waterproof version is always my favourite for holidays. 

Extended play is one of my favourite mascaras for everyday, and I find myself reaching for it quite often! It just gives very natural daytime lashes, and as you can see from the third picture in, holds a curl nicely! One of the only mascaras from MAC that does that to be honest, the formula isn't too heavy so if you find you struggle with curl, this one is great. Its also super defining so you never get any clumps. If you have sparse and straight lashes, this one is great. 

Here we have false lash. I do actually love false lash, its one of my favourites. Again holds a curl so well, probably better than any other of the others if you compare. However I do have to be careful on my second coat because it can get clumpy. False lash is pretty amazing on everyone, from sparse lashes to fuller lashes, from straight lashes to curly. The brush is quite large and has a really nice tapered end to get to those little corner lashes. One of my favourite things to do is use extended play for my first coat and finish with false lash to give it the blackness and depth it needs afterwards.

Haute Naughty is a two in one mascara. The first brush has a lot less product on it so gives you soft fluttery lashes, while the second brush adds the volume and transforms the lashes to nighttime. For me, Haute Naughty just doesn't work for my lashes. I feel like they go a bit spidery and clumpy. The first picture is with the first wand and the second picture is with the volumizing wand. I just think other mascaras work better for my lashes generally, but I do really like this on clients, especially those with naturally long and curled lashes, but need a bit of defining and darkness added to them. It also works amazingly well on those lashes which are quite sparse as well. 

In extreme dimension is MAC's best seller and works really nicely on everyone. For me, my lashes are too straight, the formula is quite weighty, so after curling it just immediately weighs them down. After curling, the result is quite nice, the brush has little barrels in it, so the lashes remain clump free. I just find the formula too heavy. If your lashes have a great natural curl and you're just looking for some definition and length, this is amazing. Also fun fact, Beyonce uses this mascara. Cool huh? It also comes in super black (even more weighty for straight lashes) and in the summer, they are introducing a waterproof version. 

 Opulash is MAC's biggest brush. Its huge! I went through a phase of really liking big brushes when I was a teenager (Benefit Bad Gal anyone?) but now I've reverted to smaller brushes just because I'm so clumsy. This mascara is great for drama. The end result is volumised, dark, big lashes. I do find this mascara a little clumpy, so you do have to be careful, but if you're looking for a night-time mascara, look no further. The formula is heavy again, as you can see from my third photo, the lashes definitely come to life when they have been curled again. Great if you've got naturally amazing lashes, or if you want to use this on top of your existing mascara to give a bit of drama afterwards.

 Sculpt doesn't get enough love in my opinion! I love the toothy type comb on it and the fact you never ever ever get clumps, its physically impossible with this brush. This is an amazing everyday mascara, the end result giving lovely fluttery daytime lashes with lots of curl, lots of length and lovely separation. You can't get a lot of drama or definition with this one I feel, but I do often pair it with Opulash to get the definition I need but also keep the lashes separated and clump free! This is a great mascara if like me, you suffer with straight lashes, and need a bit of curl in your life. Works especially well on sparse lashes too. Sculpt also has a superblack version, which is a little bit more heavy, so naturally the curl does drop considerably. 

 Upward lash just doesn't do it for me. I absolutely hate it on my lashes. I find it makes them pokey and clumpy, with not much length either. I also find the formula does flake which none of the other MAC mascaras do. It just doesn't work for me. But I do find it really great on those naturally amazing lashes, that just need a bit of depth and darkness to them. The formula is quite heavy, so I find it does only work on naturally curly lashes too, or people who are prepared to get the lash curlers out. Also can we talk about how jarring the tube is!

I haven't taken a pic of the false lash maximiser on my lashes, because generally I never remember to use it. When I initially tested it out, it did make a little bit of a difference to the length and thickness of my lashes, but for me, that happens anyway when I apply my second coat! Whenever I use this on other people though, it really is amazing. The lashes are just so much thicker and fuller, but for me I just don't have time in between curling my lashes 5000 times. 

The only other mascara I haven't reviewed is the mineralise mascara. Its the only one in the range I don't own but I have tried. For me, it was a bit like false lash result wise. Quite flakey however, which always put me off buying!

So thats my review and round up of all the mascaras MAC sell right now. Overall my favourites are always gonna be sculpt, extended play and zoom lash, interestingly all £15, when the rest are £19! 
Apologies for the delayed MAC Monday also, this post took a while to prepare! Hopefully I can get more MAC Mondays up for you now I've got this big bulky one out of the way! 
Let me know your requests and if you have tried a MAC mascara and what you thought of it!

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Disney Giveaway

Hi everyone!
Its been a while since i've thrown a giveaway here on the blog (years in fact!) So I thought it was about time I did one! 
I actually planned for this one when I hit 1000 followers, but had my blogging break around that time so never went through with it. While I was packing for the move, I noticed I still had my giveaway stuff in a bag and thought what better opportunity than to host one now, on Easter Sunday! 

So what exactly am I giving away?!
The perfect Disney prize pack of course! I'm giving away my own Disney care package, something I myself would absolutely love to win, with obviously something very close to my heart that I collect myself - Disney Make Up!

Some goodies from the now discontinued Beautifully Disney line (Disney's own make up brand which is actually very very good!)
A couple of the cutest little Tsum Tsums, I've photographed one but I have another surprise one (ooo so secretive!) which I am also including
The perfect travel companion for your Disney holiday - A disney planner from Disney World itself!
Bambi make up bag and socks.
Alice in Wonderland limited edition and super hard to get false lashes.
Plus I'm adding some goodies that I haven't pictured because I wanted a couple of extra surprises! They include a couple more disney related bits and also some make up related goodies.

So what do you have to do?? Well just fill out the Rafflecopter below (its been ages since I've done a giveaway so do let me know if I've missed anything!) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy easter and good luck!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

#52 Weeks of Disney - Week 12: Cinderella

Hey all. Its my favourite time of the week and probably my favourite make up of the week too - its #52weeksofdisney time!
If unsure what my 52 weeks of disney series is, every week I create a make up look based on the corresponding animated classic! This week is week 12 and its a very exciting look - its Cinderella!
I have been dying to do this look. I've recreated Cinderella a couple of times on the blog (embarrassingly) but its been years since I've done it, so I was eager to see how far I had progressed and create something new! With my other looks being quite out there, I really wanted this look to be pretty, to be classic make up, instead of the more creative and crazy make up i've done so far! So here is what I came up with and I really do hope I did Cinderella justice!

I stayed within the Cinderella theme and used some of my Disney make up collection in this look because how could I not?! The Sephora Cinderella palette is legit my favourite, I'll never get over this collaboration and can only express in so many words how excited I am for the Sephora Minnie Mouse palette! I also paired it with my MAC Cinderella Reflects Glitter (which is available normally without special packaging) I'm trying to get back into the habit of showing what I use, just in case anyone wants to recreate the look ever. 

I hope I did Cinderella justice for you guys! Head to this post here if you would like to see any of my other disney looks! Next week i'm super excited, because its Alice in freaking Wonderland! So many things to do!!

Kayleigh x

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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

My Top #5 Disney World Restaurants

My Disney posts always recieve a lot of attention and love so I thought I would try and include a disney related post once or twice a month. I know my blog has become something more of a make up artist blog, but Disney World is my home away from home so I do hope its well received if I mix it up a little bit on here! Anywho!

As a frequent dining plan go-er, I do sample quite a lot of the restaurants Disney has to offer, but alas there are so many I am yet to do such as the famous Kona Cafe and Ohana. I do hope eventually I will get round to doing these (next year plz!) but at the moment, these are my top #5 picks for table service restaurants at Disney world.

5th - Chef Mickeys

Last September was my first visit to Chef Mickeys and I kicked myself for not visiting sooner. I absolutely loved it. Chef Mickeys is a table service buffet with a whole host of your favourite characters walking around, including the big mouse himself. Its such a fun experience for both adults and kids alike. The buffet itself was divine, I enjoyed lobster mac and cheese, with brownie for dessert (i had two portions of the lobster mac and cheese AND some chicken thrown in for good measure). Although honestly, while the food is amazing, you come here for the amazing atmosphere and character interaction. Its a great opportunity to meet some of your favs and see them interact with each other which is quite a rarity. I apologise immensely for the cringeworthy pics down below, it was hot OK!

4th - House of Blues

Every single time I have visited Florida, I have gone to House of Blues. I adore it. The atmosphere is amazing, service is always top notch, live music is sometimes available and generally its just buzzing. I absolutely love the steak, lobster mac and cheese and the salmon. I have never ever had a bad meal here and will come back again and again. Plus the cocktails are hella strong, me and my bestie got drunk on ONE. Yeah i'm not even kidding. Blind drunk. The outside deck has a bar and lovely seating area where you can take in the Disney Springs with a cocktail (i'll warn ya again, they are brutal). 

3rd - Rainforest Cafe

I know its a bit of a cop out, as it is a chain, but my god I just love it here. My carnivorous appetite adores the ribs (although I will say the ribs at T- Rex Cafe are better!) and the steak is top notch (both my boyfriend and best friend rate the steak here better than Le Cellier and the Yachtsman!). The atmosphere is a little loud for my taste (20 minute interval rainstorms frequent the restaurant) so if you're looking for something a little more intimate with your partner, this may not be the one. But its a fun experience and I always adore the food. 

2nd - The Yachtsman Steakhouse

Despite the fact my boyfriend and best friend preferred the steak in Rainforest Cafe, I think this took my heart. Sorry to any veggies out there by the way! SO MUCH STEAK. The Yachtsman is a signature restaurant, so naturally its a little bit more expensive. But you definitely get what you pay for here. The garlic and onion bread they bring out is honestly so moreish, Chris asked the waiter for more! And the steak, oh my goodness. I chose the filet, which although you get less, its so tender and flavoursome. The ambience is just what you would expect. Calm, refined and romantic. When you look around you see couples dining (then theres us with our glow cocktails ha!) and well behaved children, its definitely one with a calmer atmosphere where you can talk and not shout over the general hustle and bustle. The service has always exceeded every expectation too. I just love it here, best steak on disney in my opinion!

1st - Fultons Crab House

Controversial maybe? I always see Ohana, or Kona top people's lists but for me, seafood wins. I love crab and lobster, and for me it is such a treat I never get to experience in the UK. The seafood here is the best on Disney in my opinion and service is always amazing. The ambience too. I mean you're on that huge boat right in the centre of Disney Springs?! The views are incredible if you get the right table and generally again, its a calmer more romantic atmosphere than other table services. Don't let this put you off though, seated downstairs by the bar is quite buzzy! This is a signature so again, more pricey, but the food makes up for it majorly! Chris enjoyed the steak as he's not much for seafood, and loved it. I will always visit Fultons for as long as I go to Disney, it captured my heart!


So they are my top 5 table service restaurants! I would actually love to see others post on this, they are my favourite to read as I love seeing food related posts (you can tell I'm a foodie!) so link down below if you have one and I hope you enjoyed seeing mine!

Kayleigh x

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Friday, 18 March 2016

52 weeks of Disney: Week 11 - Mr Toad

So I may have cheated this week. 
I just felt so uninspired by this weeks film, which is the 11th animated classic "The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr Toad". 
The film is cute, but it lacked the colour I wanted to feel inspired. So I made my own look on what I would have liked Mr Toad to have been, a crazy sunset of colours! Other than that, I really did like the film, which was broken down into two short stories, The Wind in the Willows and The Headless Horseman. If you're a hardcore disney fan, a familiar face from the Mickey's Not So Scary Celebration at Disney world, makes an appearance here! Its always so fun seeing something and finally knowing its origins!

Despite the fact I did cheat a little bit, I did think my look had some of the colours of the film! I used the purples and blues from Ichabod's jacket, and greens from Mr Toad. Put them all together and this is what you get! 

I do apologise firstly, for the lack of colour in my inner corner. Some mornings I just get the itchiest eyes and they water so much. Since this was a bit of a work look, I didn't have time to wait for it to stop and just took the picture running out of the door! But apart from that I do really like this look, I very rarely wear colours like this and think it was a creative take on somewhat of a colourless film! 

For this look I used a lot of MAC's more colourful shades, Bitter and Steamy on the lid with Chrome yellow to blend out. Underneath the lid I used Atlantic Blue mixed with Vibrant Grape and a pair of 48 lashes to bring the look together! 

I'm looking forward to next week as its Cinderella time. As much as I love Walt Disney's short films, I am quite happy we are over that period and I can now get into the more princess type make up!

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Sharing the Blog Love: My top 5 MUA bloggers

I wanted to share some blog love today. I've noticed something since returning to the blogosphere this year. Blog love is a short supply. Gone are the days of follow friday, commenting on our fav blogs just to tell them how amazing their post was and tweeting bloggers telling them how fab they are. I barely see any of this anymore, so today just for the hell of it, I'm sharing my top 5 make up artist bloggers!

1 - Laura Lou Make Up

This lady and her blog, helped me massively when I first started in make up. I studied her blog posts on building up a professional kit like a boss and hung onto every single word of her becoming a make up artist guide. She is genuinely one talented little lady and I wish one day I can be in the position she is in with her career! Plus her tweets crack me up on the daily (and her cat Herman is absolutely to die for). I'm not gonna lie, my obsession with Laura and her blog knows no bounds - its quite unhealthy really! 

2 - Fashionicide

While Lima is technically not a make up artist, her skills could make her one! I adore her style of make up and she inspires me massively to think outside the box and use more interesting products. I love how its not just instagram beauty, but a true reflection of her creativity, she is a true artist! Lima is well worth a follow (even if it is a cheat as she's not *technically* an MUA that I know of!) simply because she is one of the most creative and inspiring bloggers I have found this year. Plus she's gorge! 

3 - Mascara Wars 

My goodness have I stalked this blog. My only wish is she posted more because I hang onto her every word. If you are a make up artist, this blog is crazy informative. I have discovered so many new inspirational artists, fab resources and have just learnt so much since discovering this gem of a blog. Lucy is fab and I am so happy to have come across her blog. A must read for fellow make up artists.

4 - Zoe Newlove

I clung to Zoe's post on How to get a job at MAC like no other. I have loved watching Zoe become the artist she has become, from MAC to Crownbrush, I have loved watching her grow and can't wait to see where her journey will take her! I adored her body painting projects and wish I could have just 1% of that creativity! My only wish is Zoe would write more about her make up artist adventures, as I can't get enough! 

5 - Glossible

I just had to mention The Glossible. This blog is jam packed full of tip and tricks. I love the artist showcase posts, which introduces me to fresh new talent and inspirational artists all the time. The kit posts are also super handy, like how to build up a kit under $2000. I cannot express how wonderfully informative this blog is and how much I have learnt especially about freelancing and portfolio building. Definitely take a look if you are a newer artist looking to get into make up.

So those are 5 MUA (kinda!) blogs that I love to read. I hope you have found a blog here and some new reading material that might be of use to you! I know all 5 of these bloggers have taught me something, inspired me in some way or are just general good reads! And please do share below, a blog you are loving recently! Be it make up related or not, share some blog love :) 

Kayleigh x

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