Monday, 29 February 2016

Building my MUA Kit #4: Brows

Welcome back to building my kit part 4! If you haven't read this series before, this is where I break down my make up artist kit into segments to hopefully help any aspiring MUA's out there (or just anyway who is interested in peeking into kits) Today I am talking brows, which should be a short and sweet post as I generally only stick to a couple of things. I have found my tried and tested brow loves and i'm pretty happy with them.

First of all, I had to buy the mumma of all brow kits - the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit, containing every shade of brow powder in the line. Its incredibly helpful and 9 times out of 10 I will turn to it for all my clients. The powders are incredibly pigmented yet soft, easy to blend yet still can give you that super structured instagram brow. I'd really recommend it, its great for beginners just looking to get the basics into their kit and honestly you could get by with just this. It costs £90 and can be found here. While £90 may seem steep, its all you need to get by!

mac brow pencils

My 2 main tools for brows tend to be the MAC 266 and 208. I also use a spoolie to blend out with. I just am so used to these brushes, having used them on myself for years and now everyday at work. They do the job and they do it well. Definitely invest if you're looking for a good brow brush. 

mac brow pencils

Last of all, I do have some little inclusions for when the ABH palette just will not do. I am a big fan of the MAC brow pencils. I am just so used to them, having used them everyday at work for the past year. They are just excellent, I can't say anymore than that. I love their waxy consistency and how super defined you can get the brow. I just hate how quickly they run out! 

Generally my brow bag in my kit is very small, I stay with my tried and true products but genuinely I would LOVE to know your favourite brow products and what you use on yourselves? I'm always down for discovering new products for myself or for my kit :)

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Kayleigh x

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Disclaimer: This post does contain affiliate links. It just means I get a little something back if you decide you like the sound of any of these items and it really helps out my little blog. It doesn't affect my opinion whatsoever however, I would still use these products regardless :) 

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Lip Art #1

As a make up artist, the hardest thing for me on a client, is LIPS. Oh my god, they are my achilles heel (along with bloody liner, but I think everyone struggles with that!)
So this year I have tried to push my boundaries and practise practise practise. Obviously this includes on my own lips, as quite simply, sometimes I'm not surrounded by people to practise on (my boyfriend is adamant I can only practise making him look like a zombie!) 

So I thought I would share some of my recent lip looks. I love fooling around with lip art and finding new lip combos with my lipsticks, so I thought I would share the love. 

Glitter lips - done using Lime Crime Candy Apple lipgloss and OCC red glitter :) 

When Game of Thrones returned to our TV screens, I did this dragon-esque lip art looking using MAC Half and Half lipstick with Lime Crime Dragon Scales loose eyeshadow pressed into the centre. 

Pop art lips inspired by Karla Cosmetics! Sometimes all it takes is a simple instagram look to get you inspired for the day ahead.Certainly not a wearable one, one wrong move and it could all smudge together! I used Lime Crime pink velvet liquid lipstick surrounded by MAC Blacktrack liner. For the white, I used a white eyeliner from Illamasqua. 

Ice cream lips inspired by Depeche Girl on Instagram (the undisputed queen of lip art!) I used a random Rimmel blue pencil for the outside and Lime Crime geranium for the middle! This one was super easy to do, as you literally just blend the two colours together until you get your desired effect!

At work, I'm responsible for the looks every Friday and I loved this lip combo I made using MAC Stormy Pink paint pot and Viva Glam VI. It was a very cool toned muted grey raspberry and it received a tonne of love from customers. I love how unique it is. 

Again, more inspo from Depeche Girl, I love her sharp lines and graphic liner looks so I attempted a recreation. I used Lime Crime styletto for the black (this is my go-to black lipstick) with Sugarpill Absinthe for the green accents. 

More of a toned down wearable lip, this is probably my go-to for work. MAC Morning Coffee Pencil with Blankety lipstick. 

MAC Soar paired with Kat Von D liquid lipsticks in Lolita and Lovesick. So so matte. 

 Another lip look I'll do quite often for work. MAC Morning Coffee mixed with Creme in your coffee lipstick. Throw Soft and Gentle in the centre for a really angelic glowy lip with something a bit different!

The last and most recent lip look I've done and probably my favourite. I love how different it is and while probably not very wearable, I love all the the different colours and textures. This was MAC Nightmoth lipliner, paired with Lime Crime poison berry lipstick. In the centre we have Sugarpill Goldilux and two Topshop glitters to add some dimension and different textures.

So that is some of my most recent lip art look with, let me know if you like this kind of post with lots of different images of lots of different looks and maybe let me know if there is any lip art YOU would like to see!

Kayleigh x

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Weekly Work Looks #11 - Feeling Fierce

I thought I would post some more of my work looks since the last one went down quite well and I feel like sometimes its easier to just do one post of lots of looks rather than one post per look! So this year, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little bit, use colours, shapes, textures that I normally wouldn't and start looking at make up differently! So you can see a running theme here, lots of these looks are slightly different, slightly bolder and more out of my comfort zone!

This was one of the honest to god, easiest looks to do in the morning. I literally used MAC Blacktrack to create a big old wing and then used MAC Pearlglide Black Swan pencil smudged underneath to join up with the wing. Super easy and a really nice way to create stand out eyes. I think sometimes we get so hung up on just using 50000 eyeshadows, that a simple wing can be just as effective!

A more fun look from me, this received a tonne of compliments at work. Turns out people like me in colour! I used MAC Aquadisiac all over the lid, paired with Stars and Rockets in the crease. Super easy. Plus these colours are nicely complimentary, it wasn't until I saw them sitting in my palette together that I thought, hey they would look nice!

This was my Valentines make up look, obviously busting out pinks because I couldn't help myself.  I used MAC Phloof all over the lid, with MAC Sushi Flower lightly in crease, mixed with Quarry and Haux. I actually find pink very unflattering on me, but when mixed with an winged liner to add some depth to the lash line, I actually really like it!

I shy away from blues, often associating them with bad make up or the 70's. But actually I do find blues quite complimentary to my eye colour, so busted out the blues for this look here. For this I used the Make Up Forever 15 deluxe palette using simply the blue and the purple from the palette blended together. I'm trying to simplify my make up routine and use less eyeshadows to still create a really nice look. This was an example of one of those days! 

For this look, I honestly couldn't tell you what I used! I hate that I didn't keep a record! I feel like it was a day off so I probably used Urban Decay, mixed with a bit of Too Faced! Regardless, I was trying to create something without a wing, as sometimes I don't feel quite finished without a wing and I hate that. I want to get out of that habit.  I really love purples, they are my absolute favourite to use on the eyes!

So that was my weekly work looks, I hope you enjoyed seeing them! I think next week I'm going to try and do some dark smokey looks, so I'll show you what I come up with! 

Kayleigh x

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Monday, 22 February 2016

MAC Monday: All About Foundations

It recently came to my attention that I now own every MAC foundation... 
*not proud of that*
MAC do SEVEN different types of foundation (not including creams) It can be a little bit overwhelming trying to find which foundation is the one for you, which one suits your skin type, just generally which one to go for. So I thought i would write a blog post and try and narrow it down for anyone who is thinking about trying MAC foundations.

MAC foundation definitely has a reputation of sorts. And truly I believed that too, until I found the *one* for me. I can't use some MAC foundations as quite simply, they don't suit my skin type and I think the mistake people tend to go for is going straight for studio fix (MAC's best seller and the one most people know about). But don't rule out every single one, there is definitely a MAC foundation for everyone. 

The MAC foundation EVERYONE knows about and the MAC foundation with the best and worst rep. For me generally, I love using Studio Fix, its my go-to when clients want full coverage and have oily skin. Its almost effortless, super easy to apply, full coverage in one application and when applied correctly, can look natural and flawless. I think the misconception with this foundation comes about when used incorrectly. You need the tiniest bit (almost half a pump) for the whole face. When over applied it can go cakey, overdone and look like a mask so good prep and careful application is vital. I would say only oily skins can really use Studio Fix. I have extremely dry skin and it makes my skin look dry as a desert, I simply cannot wear it and I think thats where the bad rep comes from. I have so many women come into me and say their friend uses it and recommended it, but they actually have very oily skin so its great for them, but not for their dry skinned friend. I do love how very smoothing Studio Fix is though. It glides over open pores perfectly.

Think of Sculpt as Studio Fixes faraway cousin. So similar yet so different at the same time. Sculpt remains full coverage like its distant cousin but is more of a gel based formula. Its mousse-like in texture so be aware it feels very different to liquid. I quite like the texture, its very hydrating if you have dehydrated skin but drier skin types may find its not great for them. Dry and dehydrated are often easily confused as the same thing, however on dry skins (like mine) I do find this emphasises dry patches. Do your research into whether you are dry or dehydrated before investing into sculpt. It has a dewy finish on the skin (which I love by the way!) It looks natural, not oily, but be warned on oilier skin types you might find this fades very quickly and can look shiny. 

This, this right here is MY foundation. This is my jam. I absolutely love it. MAC's most recent foundation release, I loved it from the second I tried it. Its quite lightweight, providing a medium coverage yet feeling like you have nothing on. The result is a close to perfected skin look which doesn't look like you are even wearing foundation. The finish is quite dewy, sometimes I powder, sometimes I don't depending on my mood. I find it very blurring on my pores and very hydrating all day, it almost feels like a serum going on. Its just so comfortable. I use this foundation mainly in my kit, as every single client has loved it. It just looks great on everyone. 

One of MAC's more expensive foundations in the range is Mineralise Moisture. This is again one of the ones I don't get on with but I do find on some clients this is literally perfection. I find it suits older ladies more and those who have naturally perfect skin. On myself, it makes my pores stand out like no other and separates super fast. But I love using it on others, especially women of colour who always have such naturally glowing skin. Mineralize is more of a medium coverage with a very dewy finish. Its intensely hydrating and excellent on very dry skin types as it glides effortlessly over dry and flakey patches. 

Face and Body is an absolute gem and probably my most used MAC foundation next to waterweight. If I'm having a good skin day, face and body is all I need. Its intensely hydrating on both dehydrated and dry skins, looks like skin, feels like skin and stays all day. It does have a very very dewy, almost borderline shiny look to the skin so I always find I need to powder this one. I love using this in both my kit and on myself, I just can't fault it. I think if MAC ever discontinued it i'd be beside myself. 

Another cult MAC foundation. I used to be an avid pro longwear user in my day, but now reserve it to every now and again. Saying that, when I do wear it I get a tonne of compliments as its very smoothing and great mixed with pro longwear concealer. Medium in coverage, this foundation WILL NOT MOVE. Its brilliant if you find foundation fades on you throughout the day as it won't come off until you take it off. 

I'm all about life with the waterproof. I absolutely love this for days where I need full coverage flawlessness. Absolutely no SPF make this perfect for photography however it does suffer the same problems as Studio Fix in that a little goes a long way, so be careful with over application. This stuff is thick and dries quick, but once you get the hang of it, you'll love it. I adore applying this with a beauty blender, just to make it go on a bit more hydrating. Its super nourishing anyway which is nice to see in a full coverage foundation which on me always tends to be on the tighter side of things. This was my Florida foundation, it literally will not go until you remove it!

Possibly my least favourite MAC foundation, I just don't reach for it. You can generally find what you need in the others that matchmaster gets sort of left out of things. It has a very natural matte sort of finish, and pigment technology which means it adapts to your skin tone (however generally MAC is very good at having a foundation to match your skin tone). I do find Matchmaster is absolutely flawless on darker skin tones, it just makes their skin glow from within. I also love the shade range for darker skin tones in the matchmaster range so do have a couple in my kit. It is probably one of MAC's more natural foundations that gives good coverage while still looking natural, but I do think others (cough cough waterweight) simply just do it better. Great on oily skin I find, but drier skins like mine
should give it a miss. 

Lastly is the Lightful tinted cream. Don't be fooled, this isn't your average tinted moisturiser. Its very full in coverage compared to its tinted counterparts. I do love this and pull it out every now and again. Super dewy, it makes skin look healthy and fresh. It has a nice high SPF too, which I love in the summer. I like the skincare benefits this one offers, full of hydrating components to help skin improve in radiance and hydration over time. Never a bad thing. Super good for drier and dehydrated skin types.

And that is my MAC foundation review! I hope you found this useful. The only one left out is the BB cream which sadly I don't have (but great if you want something light!). I'm making this into a weekly series now, since I have a lot of MAC in my stash and some opinions which I hope can be useful. So do comment below with anything MAC related you would like to see next Monday :)

Kayleigh x

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Monday, 15 February 2016

The Grungy Eye

At the moment I am really into grungy burnt burgundy tones. I'm going through a little bit of a thing and I'm loving just unblended, blown out sort of shapes. I'm kind of over instagram looks that are so perfect and pretty because genuinely, that kind of make up is so time consuming and hard to create, I like make up that looks slept in and kind of unprecise. 
spotlight eye

So thats kind of where I was going with this. I wanted a grungy sort of look, messy and unkept. I included a pop of light on the lid using Phloof eyeshadow by MAC and a dab of Vanilla but the rest is literally Sketch eyeshadow and Texture. Such an easy recreatable look, you literally blend and don't worry about it. 

Kayleigh x

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Monday, 8 February 2016

Vice 4 Valentines Day Make Up

I remember years ago doing looks on here around Valentines day that turned into some of my favourite looks I ever created. So I wanted to get creating again, pinks and soft tones are some of my favourite to use as I find them just generally very pretty and girly.

For x-mas I got the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette (sooooo amazing by the way). And challenged myself to try and use some of the shades in a more softer way, as I am so used to grabbing Urban Decay by the horns and going crazy with dark colours and brights. The Vice 4 has some really nice softer pinks and purples, quite refreshing to see from Urban Decay, so I got playing and came up with this!

I labelled the colours if you was wondering what I used! I just gently went in with the warm toned brown for a transition colour but generally stayed with those lovely purple hues in the corner. I feel like this could easily be replicated with the Naked 3 palette if you have that also! 

I have a couple more Valentines Day posts planned and also planning a few Disney looks into the mix. Let me know if theres anything else you would like to see from me!

Kayleigh x

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