Kryolan Halloween Kit - Crazy Doll

My favourite time of year for make up has fast approached (Halloween FYI) so when I was contacted to review one of the Kryolan Halloween kits, I was the most excited little child. I get to play with make up, turn myself into a crazy doll AND write about it. Sounds good to me!

Just a little background. I had not previously tried Kryolan. I have actually been in the Kryolan store in Covent Garden, but was actually too intimidated by the wide range of products to even buy anything. So this little kit was a great introduction for me as I got to try a fair few of their staple products and let me tell you - I am a complete convert (practically runs to the Kryolan store)

So starting with what the kit is. These little kits which are quite reasonably priced are pretty much your look in a bag. For my look, I only added a few extra things like blusher, but generally speaking you have everything you need so its really easy. Perfect if you are looking for good quality make up thats super easy, all in one place and comes with a tutorial on how to put it on. 

For me, I was worried that it would be a little bit too "mainstream" (that sounds ridiculous but you know what I mean *cough cough cat for halloween cough cough*. But interestingly the look is definitely what you make of it. It can be as intricate as you want or as simple as you want, there is a lot of room for creative freedom in the kits, which is great for someone like me who craves a little bit more creativity. Lets get onto the look.

The Supracolour - which is Kryolans version of face paint was actually, one of the best I have used and I have used a lot! This one for me, knocks mehron out of the water, really competes with MAC and lets not even talk about snazaroo. It didn't apply patchy AT ALL, which is super hard to find it a white cream paint. I'll definitely be seeing if Kryolan have a bigger size of this because I am a convert. The kit also came with sponges to put the cream paint on AND a powder to set. See what I mean when I said you have basically everything. 
It also came with 2 eyeshadows - although sadly in my kit I was given the wrong shade of eyeshadow! Nevertheless, the eyeshadows I were given were extremely soft and blendable. Once again, blown away with the quality of this brand.

To do the little shatter marks, I used an Aqua colour (this is Kryolans water activated cream) in white and black. They also provided a brush, and once again, I am obsessed with it. Its rare I am actually sent products that I completely cannot find fault it, but seriously guys, this was insanely good. The brush has me SHOOK and I'm definitely building myself an insane payday wishlist. Perfect size and width for creating little shatter marks for the "broken" effect and super easy to use for beginners. 
The eyelashes in the kit come with lash adhesive and are perfect for the broken doll effect. I think the only criticism is the gloss, just because I had to pair a lipliner underneath to get the depth and pigmentation I wanted for the lips. But yeah - a solid 10/10.

So now for the details, because seriously if you are wanting to try SFX make up or still in need of a last minute Halloween costume, Kryolan got you girl. The kit I was sent is a grand old £59.75. Quite a steep price to swallow for a last minute Halloween idea but never fret, they have other kits which are more affordable. Flaming skull which is a lovely £21 (great for guys!) Pop Art and Fairy, which again are similar price points. I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed trying this out. Kryolan have definitely made a customer out of me and its so nice to have been sent something I can honestly hand on heart struggle to find fault with. As it is so close to Halloween, I would get one ASAP if you still don't have a costume in mind! You can buy from Kryolan online here as well as their other sets and you can get next day delivery if you're in a bit of a hurry. Alternatively, Kryolan do have stores located around the country - London folk, I know there is one pretty central to Covent Garden!

Until next time!

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