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Hey everyone. Fun fact. It has been 90 official days since I started freelancing properly. By that I mean, I always freelanced before and did work as a make up artist before that, but 90 days ago was the exact date that I bought the daily greatness journal and decided that this was going to be my job! Its been an amazing, fulfilling, action packed 90 days where I have learnt so much I can barely believe i've even retained that sort of information and actually made money!

So I thought today I would share my favourite marketing materials with you that I am enjoying at the moment! 

1 - The Daily Greatness Business Planner
I was thinking of doing a bigger post on this if you guys were interested. For myself, the way  I learn and achieve, I need stuff to be written down. I need weekly goals, even daily goals and structure. Its just the way I was made I guess! This little planner has been my absolute life-saver, my motivation and has kept me on track for my first 90 days as a "proper" freelancer. I won't delve to much into it in case I do a post on it, and this isn't so much marketing but more on the planning side of things - but its definitely a material I love!

2 - Leaflets and Offer cards from Zazzle
One of the hardest things when it came to my first 90 days as a freelancer was committing to marketing materials at the fear of loosing money! I will admit, it will be the next 90 days that will show if these particular materials have paid off. I bought from Zazzle - which is an online creative shop where you browse fellow creatives designs and the money goes to them (as well as to Zazzle I''m sure!) Some are really inventive and eye catching, which is what I liked about them as opposed to Moo or VistaPrint. Although a little more expensive, the quality, I found was lovely. They felt expensive and the printing was of a really nice quality.

3 - VistaPrint Business Cards
The last marketing material I am enjoying recently, has to be my own business cards. The theming behind my brand is very pastel, almost Kate Spade-esque. No reason really, I just really like that style and feel it embodied me a little bit more. Vista Print did this lovely foiled design which shines and catches the light as you turn the business card. I really love the effect and even though it was a tad more expensive than a normal Vista Print business card, the quality made up for it. Plus all the offers Vista Print have, I got 250 business cards for £30 which I didn't think was too bad!

So those are my favourite marketing materials for my business that I have been enjoying recently. I have tried others - including a leaflet in the same style as my business cards from Vista Print (they went straight in the bin sadly!) and a bag from Zazzle. Over the next 90 days, I'm going to be preparing for my first bridal fair, so I shall let you know soon what marketing materials I choose for that one!

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