52 Weeks of Disney: Week 20 - The Aristocats

At first, I didn't really know what the hell to do for this look. I mean the Aristocats is one of my absolute favourite disney films AND one of the first I owned on VHS. But its relatively uncolourful (apart from the Everybody Wants To Be A Cat scene!) and then it hit me. 
Marie has one of the most recognisable colour schemes in Disney and how darn cute is pink and white. So I did it, it happened and I'm not even sorry for how damn cute this look is! And I'm so happy I did. Not only did I bust out a cut crease for the first time in YEARS, but I actually had a really lovely time creating this look. 

Sadly I didn't get many pictures of this look, mainly because it was done at 6am before work ha! But I really like the way it came out and I got lots of compliments (and stares on the tube) this particular day! The entire thing was done with the Sugarpill SweetHeart palette, using Tako and Dollipop. Such easy and beautiful shades to use that blend like an absolute dream. To get the cut crease effect I just cleaned up with my trust white Rimmel pencil and used backtrack for a super girly wing. I kinda love it. Sorry not sorry.

Kayleigh x

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  1. Ah, how pretty! You wear pinks so well and your liner looks perfect, as always! ox



  2. I love this! :D you're really on a roll with #52weeksofdisney <3
    You're make up goals


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