Top 10 MAC products for your kit

MAC is definitely not the be all and end all of make up products. In fact in my kit I own more Urban Decay and Too Faced shadows than any other. But MAC do have some gems especially for make up artists out there, so I thought it would be handy to do a top 10 MAC products for your kit post. These are my top 10, some favourites that may not even be on your radar and are seriously worth checking out! So without further ado, here are my top 10!

1) Face and Body foundation

I know some artists (and models) that may absolutely despise MAC, but will have this in their kits. It is an absolute gem to the brand and I honestly don't know what I would do without it. I fell in love with it when I was a consumer more than anything, it just makes the skin LOOK like skin but better. It works beautifully, blends beautifully, photographs beautifully and is just all round, such a good versatile foundation for kits. I don't know anyone who doesn't like it or appreciate it for what it is! 

2) Strobe Cream

I don't know an artist who doesn't love Strobe Cream. Such a little wonder product, I can't get enough of the stuff. Mixed into foundation, it makes skin look glowy and angelic. Dabbed onto the tops of cheekbones, its perfect for that skin like glow (not that instagram cray cray highlight). I use before foundation to brighten skin up, to give moisture to the skin and add luminosity. On more editorial shoots, its perfect just pushed through the eye socket to give a glowy angelic sort of finish. Its perfect, a kit must have. 

3) Prep and Prime highlighter pens

Right now, highlighter is having a bit of a moment (thanks Kim) so I have these for more my special occasion clients and brides. I love them for cleaning up under the eye and the obvious... highlighting. But they are also really nice to colour correction and little touches like the brow bone, cupids bow, cleaning up the lip ect... MAC have also recently expanded the line to include more colours, super handy!

4) Lip liners 

For me, MAC lip liners beat them all. I have tried countless other brands but MAC sits on top of the throne here. I especially love the pro longwear lip pencils as they are slightly more creamy and i'm not kidding, they last a full 9 hour shift on me. Essentials for my kit; Cherry, Brick, Nice and Spicy, Spice, Nightmoth, Talking Points, Boldly Bare, Subculture, Whirl (because clients love a Kardashian lip right now) Stripdown, Morning Coffee and Cork. 

5) Concealer palettes

MAC do four different colour varieties of these palettes and they are all you will ever need. These palettes contain the notorious Studio Finish Concealer, a heavy duty full coverage bad boy that you only need the tiniest dab of to cover pretty much anything. While I hate this under the eyes, I love it for blemishes and tattoos and I love that these are so kit friendly, they just slot nicely into place. I talked more about my favourite kit concealers here and these were featured in that post!

6) Studio Careblend Powders

As mentioned in my kit post, I think Studio Careblend is the MAC hidden secret that nobody talks about. For me this powder beats Studio Fix hands down. Its soft, photographs beautifully, doesn't go cakey and blurs the skin like a natural instagram filter. Definitely go swatch it in store, it feels so beautiful and soft!

7) Colour Correctors

For me I could not LIVE without these and think they deserve a little bit more attention than they actually get. My preferred of choice are the orange (adjust) and the yellow (neutralise) for dark circles and pigmentation and yellow for redness. Seriously, these are too useful and well worth it if you suffer with bad dark circles and redness yourself. They just mean concealers have to do less work and have less chance to go cakey. The product photographed is the older style of colour correcter. They are in exactly the same tube though, just called CC now :)

8) x9 palettes

already have a post on these here and I think that explains way better why I love these. But to sum up, their size is super handy, they work with almost every skin tone and eye colour and have pretty much every shade you would need for a basic kit. I use burgundy on pretty much 9/10 of my clients for special occasion make up. They are seriously good and well worth the money. They are £25 whereas two single MAC eyeshadows would set you back £26. You do the math. 

9) Brushes

I admit, I cheated! I had to put lots of brushes into one category because there are simply tonnes of MAC brushes I am just obsessed with. Some of my fav's, 217 for blending (I have 6!) 224 for blending and concealer, 188 for foundation, 210 for eyeliner. The list is endless so I'll just insert this picture!

10) Brow Pencils 

Despite the fact these run out quickly, I find myself reaching for these over any other brow product in my kit. I love how easy they are to both use and store in your kit. The shade range has something to suit everyone and I just cannot say it enough, these are foolproof to use. You can create structured insta brows, or super soft fluffy model brows. They are amazing. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my top 10 MAC favourites. I would love to know your favourite MAC products in the comments below! I always find it interesting, as everyone is different!

Kayleigh x

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