Sephora X Minnie Mouse - Minnie-ature Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches

After my not so glowing review of the Minnie Mouse World of Colour eyeshadow palette, I have to say when testing these I didn't have the highest hopes. Well thank god Sephora pulled these out of the bag, or else this collection might have been a lost cause. 

The Minnie-ature (love the name by the way!) cream lip stain sets are a take on an already popular product at Sephora, their own liquid lipstick line, which already has pretty good reviews online. I have previously bought the Sephora own liquid lipsticks and have to say I was pretty impressed. So I had hoped this would be the same, with great quality lip products    inspired by Disney's leading lady Mouse. 

The 5 colours are all in typical Minnie fashion - you get a bright fire engine red reminiscent of Minnie's dress and own lip colour, bright orange based red, a couple of bright pinks and one understated peachy nude. I loved the colour line up and while I am very much a "basic" when it comes to lips at the moment (think Velvet Teddy and Spice kinda girl), I thought these were a fresh burst of colour, my routine so desperately needed. 

So how did they perform. 

Bare in mind, you do only get mini versions of these, and when I say mini, they are tiny. Perfect for travelling and handbag size! They come housed in a little gold and black polka dot tin. which I do admit, I promptly threw away. I didn't love it THAT much to be honest, if it had been something more collectable and coveted, it would have taken residence on my Disney shelf, but it was rather plain and had none of the quirks we had seen in previous collections. The tin did come adorned with a cute charm though, which I kept and put to good use! The tops of each are decorated with the same gold and black polka dot detailing frequent throughout the collection, which I do have to admit is a nice touch. It makes them special compared to the regular line of liquid lipsticks and I love that some have Minnie's signature on too. A definite conversation starter when pulling out of your handbag!

The colours are all intensely pigmented, typical of any liquid lipstick. They provide colour in one simple stroke, only having to go back over the lips really to tidy up the cupids bow. Like a lot of matte liquid lipsticks, they ARE drying after a couple of hours and do have a tendency to peel off especially if lips are chapped. However I find this with ALOT of matte lip products and liquid lipsticks so for me, this wasn't a deal breaker. I was impressed by the colour density and wear time of them despite this. However the applicators did annoy me slightly, as they are miniature, it is hard to get a precise and even application around the cupids bow area. Again not a deal breaker though. I really liked the colour selection and the fact that Sephora was remaining trend focused by including liquid lipsticks, something that right now is HUGE. I am happy I got these and have them in my collection and they definitely saved the Minnie collection for me. Well worth buying for $26, which in my opinion is a steal for 5 liquid lipsticks! You can buy here from Sephora. 

Kayleigh x

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