My Top #10 Disney Bucket List Dreams

Fun fact. I have over 100 things on my Disney bucket list. Yep, I've written them down in a special journal and every time I go, I aim to cross off at least a couple of things. I felt like it would be pretty boring to list all 100 of my bucket list dreams. But I thought I would narrow down my top #10. Some are silly, some are completely impossible, but someday I do hope to be able to cross some off! So here are my top 10 disney dreams. 

 Visit every Disney park in the world

So far I have crossed Paris and WDW off my list, but the other parks have been left behind! I'm hoping in the future to get California under my belt, but WDW always tempts me with their offers and just how cheap it is compared to the other parks (especially Cali!). 

Stay at Magic Kingdom for a 24hr event

For some people 24 hours in the Magic Kingdom is their idea of hell (I think my boyfriend would hate the idea of it despite absolutely loving Magic Kingdom). But for me, I would love to see the sunrise and sunset, get hyped up on sugar and ride space mountain 10 times. One day!

Eat at every restaurant at Disney World

Being on the dining plan does mean I have crossed off quite a number of restaurants on my last 5 trips. I'm hoping on my next trip next September I can step up my game and do 14 entirely new restaurants!

Go on a Disney tour

I'm really hoping the next time I go (It will be my 7th trip!) that I can do some new experiences, including a tour! I would love to do an Animal Kingdom tour, or perhaps the Magic Kingdom one!

 Run in a Run Disney event

I used to run and participate in races, but since the move to London, I haven't been able to run as much as I would like. The dream would be to participate in a  Run Disney event, and I'm hoping I can do one this September at Disneyland Paris!

Vlog at Disney 

One of my favourite things to do in the morning before work, is watch a Disney vlog. They take me back to the magic and since I'm taking a year off Disney trips, I need a bit of magic in my life! I hope one day I will get the courage to do a couple of vlogs of my own!

Stay at every resort at Disney World

I think this one is on everyones bucket list dreams! I would LOVE to stay at every single Disney World resort and have so far knocked 3 off my bucket list (Saratoga Springs, Old Key West and Art of Animation). This time round I have booked my first moderate resort - Caribbean Beach! 

Meet Remy

While this certainly isn't a picture of Remy, it is my GOAL one day to scout him out and meet him. I am obsessed with Ratatouille, it is my favourite Disney film (odd choice I know!) so I can only hope one day I can meet Disney's most famous rat rather than mouse! I know he frequents Disneyland quite often, but I'd love to meet him at the World!

 Get married at Disney World

I don't think this one needs an explanation. Who wouldn't want to get married at Disney World?!

Work for Disney

My last bucket list dream is a bit of a crazy one. No i don't mean I want to move out to Florida and work as a cast member. For me, my passion lies with make up and I wouldn't change that for the world, but I would one day absolutely love to work on a Disney production. Be it film, TV show or, my absolute favourite, The Lion King musical, I would jump in a heartbeat. One day eh!!

Kayleigh x

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