Make Up Artist Monthlys: MAY

Hey all! So I thought I would introduce a new series on the blog today. I love reading monthly favourites, but always felt uninspired when it came to doing my own. So I thought it might be interesting to see what my favourite products are that I have been using on other people! Be it on clients, customers or on shoots, every month I always find new products from other MUA's or my colleagues and thought it would be nice to share them with you guys! So welcome, to my favourite make up artist products for this month!

First up, I have been loving (along with everyone else it seems) the Sleek solstice highlighting palette. Highlighting is huge at the moment, and on myself I'm starting to stray away from it (you know that thing where when everyone else is doing it, you stop doing it!), but my clients still love it for their nights out and special occasions. I love the solstice palette, great quality, easy to use and includes a cream highlight too, all in one handy little palette, which happens to be nice and compact for my kit!

I did a handy dandy shop of lashes over at MAC for my brides, because I have a fair few in July. I always like to use MAC lashes, I find them extremely easy to apply and durable as well. These are MAC 21's and 33's. 21's are my most used for brides, they just add the tiniest amount of flutter to the outer corners and are incredibly comfortable, super important to the bride on her big day. 33's don't look like much, but they pack a super natural punch. 

Whilst on my last trip to the US, I fell in love with Buxom eyeshadow. Seriously, the quality of these blew my mind. Here is a custom palette that I made (I think it only came to something like $30!) and it turned out to be much more of a kit purchase. The first four shades are so perfectly shimmery, pigmented and so lovely to blend, whilst the last two and great for crease definition. Will definitely be filling my kit with more in the future!

Why oh why, did Nars discontinue Douceur blusher. It was perfect, especially on lighter skins for contouring and adding just a perfect pop of definition on the cheeks. If anyone knows of any dupes, please please let me know! I love this stuff! Next, I have been using MAC Essential Oil. This little guy is great, such a MAC hidden gem. I love prepping brides skin with this beforehand, just to add some radiance, moisture and a nice healthy glow. Especially if they have flakey skin, like myself! Just dab it on the area and foundation goes over it so smoothly. Definitely use sparingly though! There's a fine line between oily and glowy. 

Also I have been using MAC reflects bronze a tonne. Clients (especially night out and special occasion) LOVE glitter. This one is just enough, without being a disco ball. Its great for popping just on top of a gorgeous bronzed eye without being too crazy or too much. I stick it on with Too Faced Glitter Glue. Seriously could not live without this. If you struggle with glitter, then get your mitts on this. Its life changing.

Lastly, two products I could not live without. MAC Transparent powder and MAC Oil Control lotion. They are true MAC gems, I could not finish a bride without them. Oil control is a perfect moisturiser for keeping oil at bay and nothing is complete without MAC transparent loose powder. Its just perfect, so finely milled, just sets the face without going cakey. 

Kayleigh x

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