MAC Monday: Review and Swatches of ALL the MAC x9 palettes

Ahhh the coveted MAC x9 palettes. I cannot tell you how long it took me to get on this train and boy am I glad I did. These little bad boys are the handiest dandiest things to have in your kit, due to their tiny little size and amazing shade range, but they also make doing daily make up a breeze as well with their easy and well thought out colour combinations. MAC did something right creating these, and recently added to the line up with two more palettes. So I thought it was about time I featured them on the blog, along with swatches for this weeks MAC Monday.

I'll start like I start every eyeshadow palette review - a brief low down on the packaging. I really like the simple and easy packaging of these. There isn't much to say, really. They come in a simple, very MAC-esque palette with a see-through magnetic lid. Handy so you can see all the colours inside and if you are carrying multiple palettes with you, it makes finding your desired one easy. MAC are nothing if efficient with their packaging. On the back, you have the names of the individual shadows, to see if you have any dupes in your collection already. 

So lets get onto the fun stuff, the swatches!

First up is Amber x9. Amber x9 is a mix of browns and everyday shades. Its a nice starter palette with a good range of mattes and the odd shimmer shade. The pigmentation is nice, although nothing to write home about I would say. The eyeshadows verge on very very subtle, so its good for someone who perhaps is new to eyeshadows or wants to have their first palette. I have this palette in my kit as a filler in, great for just subtle smokey eyes with a nice pop of gold. I use mainly on younger clients, proms and mother of brides.

Burgundy is my all time favourite and I think for the most part, everyone's favourite. Its always sold out on my counter and for good reason. The pigmentation and quality is beautiful, every single shade is a winner in my opinion. I use this pretty much 90% of the time when I'm doing brides or special occasion make up because it just works so so well with so many eye colours. Beautifully blendable and just a dream to work with. It contains favourites like sketch, coppering and honeylust from the normal line, so check you don't have those in your stash already. I use this mainly on brides and night out make up.

Dusty Rose is one of the new palettes that was released last month. I actually didn't like it upon seeing it for the first time, but when having a little play I actually really liked it for my kit. Its perfect for everyday make up, with some subtle shades for light crease definition and the odd smokey to just add some darkness in the outer corner. If you are looking for a real everyday palette and aren't much of an eyeshadow wearer this one is for you. The eyeshadows aren't crazy pigmented, but perform better on the eye than when swatched. I use this palette mainly on younger clients, mother of brides and those who want something softer.

Next is Navy. I have to say, my least favourite palette out of the line up. I just find the colour selection too samey, with at least 4 out of the 9 looking SO similar. However it does have Club in there, one of my all time favourite MAC eyeshadows, which works surprisingly well with the rest of the palette. This one is probably my least used in my kit, but I do occasionally bust it out when a navy eye is requested. A good palette if you love a blue smokey eye or even just a smokey eye in general. 

Another new one to the line up, is pastel! I was super excited for this one as anyone who knows me knows, I love me some pastel. The eyeshadow palette is nice, the latter half of the palette is better, with the first having some similar light beige shades which I have way too many of. I was super surprised with the quality of the pastels to be honest, as I did expect them to be chalky and unpigmented but MAC did a great job! They are pigmented and smooth, easy to blend and not chalky at all. 

My second favourite palette in the line up, the purple x9. Again similarly to burgundy, all the shades here are a winner. I absolutely love using this palette on my clients, I just think the quality is great and there are some nice mattes and shimmers to satisfy everyone. The last shade is a bit of a bummer when swatched, but I can't tell you how much better it is on the lid. its just enough to smoke out with, without being too much and overpowering the lid. If you love purples definitely give this one a go!

So, the big question is, are they worth it? MAC recently decreased the price of these from £30 to £25, which is amazing. Two single eyeshadows are worth £26 so 9 of them for £25 is pretty darn good. Sure you get a smaller quantity, but gram for gram, the saving is unreal. If you are already thinking of buying perhaps coppering and sketch, definitely look into grabbing the palette to get the other shades for £1 less. Overall, I'm pretty happy these have been added to the MAC line up (and my kit!). They were desperately needed I felt and are so good for travelling and having everything you need in one tiny palette.

Kayleigh x

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