Building my Kit #6: Concealers

Welcome back to my building my kit series! In the sixth segment of my building my kit series, I am going to be going through the concealers I chose for my kit. Concealers are very very important. When done right, the client can look flawless and feel so much more confident when they don't have blemishes or dark circles. Done wrong... well I've seen many Kim Kardashian interpretations go very wrong indeed (and trust me, I tried the Kim look myself, its a toughie to get right!)

I toyed with many different concealer sets, the Inglot freedom system where you can make your own palette, RCM....but eventually went with the MAC concealer palettes. I like MAC concealers and these didn't seem too bad value for money. I ended up getting light and medium to start me off and plan on getting the darker one soon!

This concealer is amazing for tattoo coverage, spot and acne concealing and my personal fav... eyebrows! You won't believe the amount of clients who want Instagram brows, this is a godsend. While I wouldn't use it on the under-eye area as I find it too drying and can enhance the area in a bad way, its perfect and full coverage for everything else. 

I also added the Bobbi Brown BBU palette to my kit. This is undoubtly the ONE item I see in every professional make up artists kit, so when it popped up one day on the Bobbi Brown website I grabbed it faster than I've ever purchased anything in my LIFE. And without a doubt, it is THE best purchase to my kit I have made! One side contains the Bobbi Brown stick foundations, which to be honest I rarely rarely use. The one surprising thing about the BBU palette is how small it is, so the concealer side for me gets a lot more use. 

Other little additions, I have a few of the MAC Pro Longwear concealers. These are by far one of my favourites, so creamy, great coverage and look good on everyone. The glass bottles are a great size for travelling too. I mainly use these on the undereyes, but also for highlighting as well. On myself recently I have been enjoying MAC Select Cover-up and MAC Moisturecover however, so hope to add a few more shades of these into my kit soon. While prolongwear is amazing, these offer a little bit more of a natural finish, and Select cover up can be used as a foundation as well, super compact for my kit.

I love the MAC CC creams too for colour correcting. I could not LIVE without the orange one if a client has particularly bad undereye circles. Pop it on before concealer and you'll find you need less concealer as the CC cream does most of the work. Amazing stuff. This is the older packaging, but it is still available just in a newer bottle :)

Last but not least, I love the MAC Prep and Prime highlighting pens. Not so much for concealing, but more for highlighting, they are super easy to use and come in many different tones so there is a highlighter suitable for everyone. I love Radiant Rose for my lighter skinned gals and Light Boost as well. I also have the By Terry Touche Veloutee. I am an avid follower of Make Up 411, which is a website which collects data on what make up artists use on TV and film sets. I always saw the Touche Veloutee popping up, it is a beautiful product albeit a little bit expensive. Maybe if I'm ever a celebrity artist I can fill my kit with these eh!

So there you have it. Generally if you are just starting i'd say grab the Bobbi Brown BBU palette for sure, it has everything you need. The MAC CC creams are also amazing and will make your job a hell of a lot easier, trust me! The MAC palettes as well offer great value for money and are tried and tested! 

Kayleigh x

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