52 Weeks of Disney: Week 17 - Sleeping Beauty

I was so very excited to do Sleeping Beauty for a long long time! I just feel like there is a lot of colour and inspiration in the film, the possibilities were endless. Now I had done Aurora before, probably like many of these characters, but could never seem to get it right! So I'm hoping this time I did her justice, I was going for something a little bit more ethereal and magical. I wanted it to be Princessy, and also reflect the many colours (of the dress!) we see in the film, while having a magical edge! I hope I did that! I'm really happy with the outcome and think its my best Aurora yet!

So sadly I didn't manage to take any photos of what I used, but it was relatively easy. MAC Well Dressed blusher and Stars and Rockets eyeshadow through the crease. MAC Aqua eyeshadow in the inner and outer corners, Phloof in the middle of the lid topped with reflects pearl glitter. I got so many compliments on this at work, it was crazy! I guess ethereal suits me! But yeah compared to my other Sleeping Beauty looks, I think I did OK! 

Just a gentle reminder that brows do get better and practise makes perfect haha!

I'll see you next week for 101 Dalmatians! 

Kayleigh x

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