10 products I couldn't live without in my MUA kit

My MUA posts always seem to be quite well received, so I thought I would do a 10 products I could not ever live without in my kit. These are products I probably use 9 out of 10 times, if not EVERY time I work on a client. These are my tried and tested, I could not do half as a good a job without them and if they are ever discontinued my life would be over sorta thing. Thats how much I love these!

1 - Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit

This little bad boy has every single colour I could ever need for eyebrows. I just love it and Anastasia perfectly hit the nail on the head with this palette. While expensive, I have used it more times than I can imagine and can always find a shade for even the fairest, reddest or darkest of brows. Its amazing. 

2 - Bobbi Brown BBU palette

Most make up artist kits feature the infamous BBU palette. This Bobbi Brown palette features an extensive range of its cream foundations and on the other side of the palette which isn't pictured (its kinda messy!) is the world famous Bobbi Brown colour correctors and creamy concealers. SO good. It has everything I need for both concealing and occasionally foundations (although I very rarely reach for the foundation side if i'm honest. The Bobbi Brown creamy concealers are fab, definitely try if you are in the market for a new concealer

3 - MAC Face and Body foundation

Every make up artist you ever find, no doubt will have face and body in their kit. Its MAC's hidden gem in their range and I can't blow its horn enough. It provides the most skin-like finish, so perfected and model like, with a consistency that makes it incredibly useful for building up coverage. Its very dewy which some clients love but most of the time I'll powder down, but has no SPF in it, making it photograph nicely. A real gem and I couldn't honestly live without it in my kit. 

4 - Urban Decay/Too Faced Palettes

In my kit I have all 3 Urban Decay Naked palettes and two of the Too Faced Chocolate bars. I mainly do bridal and special occasion make up, so find these have everything I need in them. Plus they are a great size for slotting nicely in my kit and have awesome colour pigmentation and blendability. A solid 10 for me!

5 - MAC lashes 

I have mentioned on the blog a few times how much I love MAC lashes. For me, they are so well made, so easy to apply and the band is perfect for making sure my clients don't have the nightmare of them popping off halfway through the night (or day!) I've tried Ardell, Eylure and other brands of lash, but find that the band on them is sometimes quite stiff and just never sits as nice as the MAC ones. They have so many different styles as well, something to suit everyones needs and tastes. And my clients often love that they are wearing MAC lashes

5 - Scandinavia Setting Spray

Put down your MAC Fix + and Urban Decay setting spray, this knocks them both out of the park. I have the bridal one, but I can vouch all of the Scandinavia sprays are gold. I could NOT live without this, especially on my brides. 

6 - Laura Mercier Primer 
7 - Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder

I absolutely love Laura Mercier, I think its just a lovely brand. Not only do they do amazing tinted moisturisers, but their primers and powders are bomb. The secret brightening powder is not only amazing for under eyes, but I use it all over my clients to give a soft blurred finish to the skin. The Laura Mercier foundation primer is actually one that for some reason doesn't work too great on me, but for other people seems to be a lovely base for make up and ensure that make up lasts all day. Both gems that I highly recommend. 

8 - Mineralize Skinfinishes

I have a bit of a weird obsession with MAC Mineralise skin finishes. I just love them! Definitely a collection item for me. But I did find myself not using them and put them in my kit to see if they would get more love there. They certainly do and make the most beautiful collection of highlighters and blushers for me to dip into. I love the pearlescent finish to them and it photographs so nicely. Definitely depot them though into some dome shaped z-palettes. 
9 - MAC Pigments 

I love MAC pigments. I can't say enough good things about these versatile long wearing little pots of amazement. I use Tan SO often on my brides, Vanilla to highlight, reflects gold and bronze on night out ladies, copper sparkle, reflects pink to highlight. The list is endless. They are so perfectly compact and they never ever run out either, such a kit essential in my opinion. 

10 - Zoeva Brushes 

When I first started building my kit, I put a lot of heart and soul into searching for my perfect brush set for clients. I eventually settled on Zoeva and would never ever ever look back. Zoeva brushes are hands down, some of the best I have ever used. I love my MAC brushes, but at the time, I couldn't afford an entire MAC brush set and Zoeva were so affordable and the quality is great. They have lasted me so well as you can see, they look brand new after every single wash. Their eye brushes are some of the best, I eventually want to get another set for myself!

So thats my list, my secret 10 products that make my job so much easier. I love reading other make up artists favourites and finding some new products to try and put on my hit list, so leave any suggestions down below of what you think I should try! But for now I hope you enjoyed reading my top 10 favourites!

Kayleigh x

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