Sephora X Minnie Mouse Collection: World in Colour Eyeshadow Palette Review & Swatches

It has been long awaited. I spent the good part of almost 6 months excitedly waiting for this collection, after coveting the beautiful Sephora and Disney princess releases they did a couple of years ago. I was a woman obsessed. And the second these bad boys launched, I nabbed me one straight away. If you didn't know, Sephora has quite a history releasing Disney inspired make up, more specifically their eyeshadow palettes. Have a look at their Jasmine, Cinderella and Ariel ones they did, I was obsessed. So did their newest collaborator, Minnie Mouse, live up to their previous collections? 

So what exactly is the World of Colour palette. It includes 20 aptly named eyeshadows inspired by Disney's leading lady, Minnie Mouse. It is a limited edition palette although it hasn't sold out quite yet. 

So I normally start with a run down on the packaging. The palette is housed in a collectable Minnie Mouse clutch. I don't want to be a negative nancy and while I do think the clutch is absolutely adorable and the design is perfectly Minnie, I don't think its practical. I'm buying an eyeshadow palette, I want something that will slot nicely into my make up collection, but the packaging on this feels clunky and awkward. The eyeshadow palette and mirror can be slotted out and the clutch can be used as exactly what it was intended for, a clutch bag. But realistically I'm never going to use it for that purpose, I want an eyeshadow palette and sadly I just think the design falls short. In the past, I have loved examining every element of the palettes and finding all the little hidden quotes and easter eggs. But the most you get with this is a small Minnie charm and Minnie's signature etched onto the mirror. I just wasn't in love and feel like both Sephora and Disney could have done a lot better. Regardless I do like the initial patterning and think the gold polka dots are a lovely sentiment, I just don't like the design and find it impractical. 

Moving onto the eyeshadows themselves, I find the names unfitting. For some reason "flirt in a skirt" strikes me as odd for Minnie Mouse and "ex boyfriend" as well. I feel like there could have been so many more names that fitted Minnie a little bit better, but again I wasn't in love. Compared to the Cinderella palette where you had a beautiful seafoam green called Cinderelly and a dark brown called Gus. I just feel like they could have done better. The eyeshadow selection seemed nice though, with some neutral colours to suit everyone and some pops of colour for the make up addicts in us, I was excited to swatch.

The eyeshadows themselves are of differing sizes, which to me strikes me as both odd and just doesn't satisfy my need to have everything the same shape and size in the palette, but I would get over it! Just worth noting my irrational OCD!

Generally I thought it was a bit hit and miss. The pigmentation was OK, but after this I swatched the Urban Decay shadows and they just blew these away. They are OK, thats all I can say about them. The pigmentation is a little off and they are quite powdery and require some building up, but some have great pigmentation and are buttery and soft. It seems the mattes suffer more than anything, which does seem common with Sephora shadows. I did create a few looks before doing the review and they last quite well over a primer but its honestly nothing to write home about. My favourites were "flirt in a skirt" - despite hating the name, I love this as a transition colour. "Some like it dot" has beautiful pigmentation and feels like butter to apply, whereas most of the bottom row has great pigment as well. 

So, this turned out to be quite the disappointment didn't it. I feel like Sephora could have done so much better. They had set the bar SO high with the princess collections, and I feel like it shows with the fact this is yet to be sold out. The design was impractical and felt rushed to me, with so much potential missed out on. The eyeshadow names and lack of exciting colours that could so have embodied Minnie Mouse (where's my bold red at or super intense white?). I guess I just felt let down and I'm sure many others who were as excited as me did too. I'm still holding out hope that in the future they will collaborate again and finish off the princess line, because that collection was gold! But until then, i'll keep collecting! If you are interested in adding the palette to your collection, it is still available at Sephora here, for $45. 

Kayleigh x

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