Top 10 Things to do at Hollywood Studios

So I thought, seeing as my disney posts have been going down quite nicely I thought it would be fun to share my top 10 favourite things about Disney World! My list may be a bit different to most people's (or exactly the same!) but these are one of my favourite things to read as I love seeing what tops people's must do's or what doesn't make the list! It always gives me a new perspective on things, so here is my top 10 favourite things to do at Hollywood Studios.

10) Meet Fantasmic Mickey

Kicking us off, one of my ultimate must do's particularly if you like characters is meeting sorcerer mickey! I myself have a bit of a thing for meeting Mickey all dressed up in all his sassy glory. Sorceror Mickey has moved from his normal place and now chills near Star Tours and the backlot express quick service. He's one of my favourites to meet and its always extra special as he is the big mouse! 

9) Walt Disney One Mans Dream

This is one of my favourite places and things to do at Hollywood Studios. I always take a minute to appreciate Walt and his creations, no matter how many times I watch I still find a lump in my throat when they quote "it was all started by a mouse, but really it was started by a man". I love reading about Walt and find him fascinating. Say what you like about him, he changed the world for millions of people. 

7) Pizza Planet

Need I say more, my favourite pizza place at Disney World and one of my favourite themed restaurants. I do think its in need of a bit of a revamp (they could do SO much more with it) I still love it for what it is and will visit it year after year! I love the souvenir cups you can buy and taking a snoop around the arcade. Its such a fun place to dine and super affordable too! Toy Story fans will love!

6) Sci Fi Drive in Diner

I like to include a table service on these lists, so if you're looking for somewhere cool and quirky to eat, Sci Fi will be up your alley. The entire concept is so cool to me, and while I have never really enjoyed my meal here (don't ask... blue cheese mistaken instead of mash) I have always enjoyed the ambience, the creativity, the feeling that you are outside in the 1950's watching a black and white film. A must visit particularly if you like quirky dining!

5) Photo op's

 For me, I love nothing more than kicking back and relaxing and taking in the atmosphere of WDW. Hollywood Studios is great for that. Grab your camera and a Mickey pretzel and wander around, taking in the unique sights that Hollywood Studios has to offer. My personal favourite photo ops are the amazing characters that wander around, not only our favourites we all know and love, but some unknown ones that do a bit of on the spot improv to entertain guests. I also love Hollywood Studios at night, you can get the best photographs of the Streets of America and the Tower of Terror in particular. I find when taking photographs, its best to try and put on "new eyes" so to speak. Look at things differently and you'll be amazed at what you see! 

4) Food

Its not really a disney post without me mentioning more food is it! I love the food offerings at every park, including Hollywood Studios. Not only do we have Pizza Planet, you can also get quick service steak from ABC Commissary (although not recommended) Turkey Legs, alcoholic beverages and lots more! My favs are the cheesy mickey pretzels (with plastic cheese because what is life without plastic cheese), the Mickey cake pops from Villains In Vogue and those huge sandwiches that basically have an entire packet of ham in them. 

3) Star Tours 

Star Tours and the gift shop takes number 3 spot. I am a huge Star Wars fan and absolutely love the revamp (which by the way, I can't wait for Disneyland Paris to get). I enjoy everything from the queue, finding the hidden mickeys (look out for the little robot scanning luggage and keep an eye on what he scans, its always amusing!). The ride boasts 54 different adventures so you'll be sure to get a different experience every time you ride. And the gift shop at the end is one of my favourites, hosting lots of different bits and bobs you can't get anywhere else on Disney. Sadly out of my 5 trips to WDW I failed to take photos of the Star Wars area! 

2) Rockin' Rollercoaster

My number one favourite ride at WDW, has gotta be rockin' rollercoaster. I can't express how many times I will go on this in a trip and how every single time I will scream when it goes "3,2,1" (you know what part I'm talking about!) Not for the faint of heart, but if you're a big kid looking for a grown up ride to go on, you'll love this. Plus the queue is pretty awesome too. 

1) Fantasmic

Of course this would top this list, if you are going to Hollywood Studios, you MUST make sure you watch Fantasmic. Its Hollywood Studios' nighttime show, usually shown once or sometimes twice a night. It does get super busy so make sure you show up early or book a fastpass for it, you won't regret it! I took my boyfriend to see it rather unwillingly, and it ended up being one of his favourite nighttime shows at WDW. Give it a go, its got something for everyone to enjoy from Fireworks, storytelling to magical water and projection displays.

You may notice I am missing two very crucial rides, Toy Story Mania and of course Tower of Terror. While I love Toy Story Mania, its just not my favourite, simple as (same cannot be said of Tower of Terror which I still don't go on!) For me, I'm much more of a foodie and entertainment type person, which is why these lists are so fascinating! So I'm intrigued, what tops your Hollywood Studios list?!


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