My Disney World Outfits

Every year that I go to Disney World, for me planning the holiday is as exciting as going on the holiday itself! Especially when it comes to outfit planning, one of my favourite parts! Even though I'm not going this year, I thought it would be fun for me to share some of things I wore to Disney World the past couple of years (it hasn't changed much!). 

I normally source outfits from the same few outlets - Forever 21, Primark and Asos. These are my holy grail and I do hope when I go back next year they will have continued on with their Disney trend! I also try to recycle the same few things so that I don't have to pack much - for example shoes or shorts! I love those bargain Mickey Mouse plimsoles I managed to bag from Forever 21 - such a good park shoe!
I'll also have a few "non disney" outfits for good measure. The second one with the snoopy top was my Miami outfit, I wanted it to be bright and colourful! My last outfit there is my pool outfit and normally I'll have a disney styled bikini thrown on underneath too! 

For good measure I thought I would throw in some very bad selfies of a few of the outfits in action! 


I so wish I was outfit planning this year, but there's always next year! I hope this post has given you some inspo for what to wear if you're heading off to see the big mouse soon! I'm super jealous, let me plan outfits with you?! 

Kayleigh x

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  1. I love the look of those Ariel shorts. I'm heading to Disneyworld next year and I hadn't actually thought of wearing Disney themed outfits but oh my god I am even MORE excited now! I'm so going to rock the Disney trend

    Steph -

  2. Forever 21 and Primark always have the best Disney clothing - and so much cheaper than buying them from the actual parks! I love the Little Mermaid outfit, she's my favourite princess <3

    Julia x

  3. Oh my gosh I love the R2D2 dress and the mickey mouse tops. Also LOVE all the shoes. Your suitcase must have been massive. Where did you get the R2D2 dress from? X

  4. The daffy duck one is so fun!
    Lucy xoxo

  5. Serious question: where did you get all of these? Especially the R2D2 dress and everything Minnie and Mickey?
    I have a serious need to know :)

  6. I love that Daisy Duck t-shirt it's so cute, actually I love everything!!

    Katy | Katy’s Daily Life

  7. Your R2D2 dress is the dress of dreams. I'm a big Star Wars fan so I love the little dress shout out to R2! I'd love to do Disney outfits, I'd quite like to do a Belle Theme, but not sure about wearing yellow.

  8. So many amazing bits! I love the Daisy Duck t shirt and the mickey shoes!! M xx


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