MAC Monday: Primers

So I did my first poll on Twitter and asked what you guys would like to see for my next MAC Monday post. It appeared that primer was pretty popular! MAC do four primers for the skin, but they have an entire "prep and prime" range which includes in my opinion, some of MAC's best products that they do. I thought I would break this down into sections, with this post being about MAC's face primers in the Prep and Prime range and then another post breaking down the rest of the range! I hope thats OK! 

First up we have Skin Base Visage - MAC's most popular primer for the face. I use this mainly on my clients as its a great all rounder, with tiny pearl particles that illuminate the skin  from within when foundation is applied on top. This primer is formulated for all skin types, making it really easy to have in my kit and make up sits on top really nicely, I notice a huge difference when I use on clients, make up just glides on perfectly. On myself (I have very very dry skin and texture issues) I use another primer, but this is worth a try if you are looking for something to keep make up on all day.

MAC Natural Radiance is Skin Base Visage's more expensive older sister! The same concept applies, but this has both a yellow and a pink version for darker and lighter skin types. I actually prefer this one if clients wear very little foundation, because the particles in it are less glittery. I also find it less oily that Skin Base Visage, keeping my skin more matte throughout the day. Its a really nice primer, but I don't know if I would like to spend £29.50 on it! 

Skin Smoother is my baby, I couldn't live without it and its the one that deserves more praise. It comes in a balm type compact, and its more velvety to the touch (think along the lines of Smashbox and Porefessional). It acts as a filler inner, filling in fine lines and pores more than its other counterparts. For me, with quite bad pore issues, I need this! I do find the effects short lived, so better suited for shorter days this one or on clients and on sets. Definitely worth investing in if you're dry skinned like me, looking for a primer that won't break or dry your skin out, but want to look flawlessly air brushed :) 

So this week's MAC Monday is a bit of a short one, but it won the poll so I hope it gave you all the information you needed! MAC are good for primers, they make great kit fillers if you're an MUA. I do think the rest of the prep and prime range is where its at though, so keep an eye out for that post, its gonna be a big one!

Kayleigh x

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