Welcome back to 52 Weeks of Disney: Week #10 - Melody Time

Its been a while...
Do you remember this post here, when I challenged myself to create 52 Disney looks, one for every animated classic and one for every week of the year. Well, its the 10th week of the year and I'm thinking its time I bought it back.

It was my favourite series I ever did and when I stopped, I always knew I would have to bring it back (but my OCD would only let me in the 10th week of the year ha!). The 10th Disney animated classic is actually one called Melody Time (hands up if you know it!). Staying in the familiar routine of short stories that Disney was doing at the time, I wasn't sure whether I would like Melody Time but I actually ended up appreciating it for what it was. I loved the short stories, my favourite ended up being The Legend of John Appleseed. Definitely give it a watch on Youtube if you don't want to watch the whole movie. 
I won't lie though, inspiration was short when it came to finding colour schemes for a look. I eventually settled on the Aracuan bird, a colourful little fellow that appears in The Three Caballeros and several other Donald Duck cartoons. Seeing as I have already done Donald and Jose, I thought it was about time I saw to this little bird. 

The Aracuan bird is always causing mischief and mayhem. And since I have the princesses coming up in this series, I kinda wanted to stay away from pretty pretty looks and go all out with something crazy, something completely unwearable and unpretty. So I saw down with my make up and this was the result, I literally just dotted colours everywhere and actually really liked what I came up with. If you watch the scene in Melody Time, this little bird is flying everywhere, causing complete and utter trouble. I feel like this look accurately represents trouble, creativity, craziness and spontaneity! 

I kept the look pretty basic, using only 4 products! The MAC gel liner was my base, I did a really rough wing all around my eye and doubled it up at the end just to add a touch of "birdy-ness" to it! I then got speckle happy with the MUFE Aquarelle in Yellow. To be honest, I bought this with the intention of using it as a yellow liner, but I'm not very impressed. It cracks on the lid and flakes off within minutes, so I'm trying to find ways of making it work. The colour is beautifully pigmented and dreamy to apply. If anyone has any tips on helping the flakiness then holla at me! 

So thats my welcome back to 52 Weeks of Disney! I hope i've bought it back with a bang! I'm really excited to get my make up brushes into the princesses! And if you wanna see any of my other looks, just click the links down below!

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Kayleigh x

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