Sharing the Blog Love: My top 5 MUA bloggers

I wanted to share some blog love today. I've noticed something since returning to the blogosphere this year. Blog love is a short supply. Gone are the days of follow friday, commenting on our fav blogs just to tell them how amazing their post was and tweeting bloggers telling them how fab they are. I barely see any of this anymore, so today just for the hell of it, I'm sharing my top 5 make up artist bloggers!

1 - Laura Lou Make Up

This lady and her blog, helped me massively when I first started in make up. I studied her blog posts on building up a professional kit like a boss and hung onto every single word of her becoming a make up artist guide. She is genuinely one talented little lady and I wish one day I can be in the position she is in with her career! Plus her tweets crack me up on the daily (and her cat Herman is absolutely to die for). I'm not gonna lie, my obsession with Laura and her blog knows no bounds - its quite unhealthy really! 

2 - Fashionicide

While Lima is technically not a make up artist, her skills could make her one! I adore her style of make up and she inspires me massively to think outside the box and use more interesting products. I love how its not just instagram beauty, but a true reflection of her creativity, she is a true artist! Lima is well worth a follow (even if it is a cheat as she's not *technically* an MUA that I know of!) simply because she is one of the most creative and inspiring bloggers I have found this year. Plus she's gorge! 

3 - Mascara Wars 

My goodness have I stalked this blog. My only wish is she posted more because I hang onto her every word. If you are a make up artist, this blog is crazy informative. I have discovered so many new inspirational artists, fab resources and have just learnt so much since discovering this gem of a blog. Lucy is fab and I am so happy to have come across her blog. A must read for fellow make up artists.

4 - Zoe Newlove

I clung to Zoe's post on How to get a job at MAC like no other. I have loved watching Zoe become the artist she has become, from MAC to Crownbrush, I have loved watching her grow and can't wait to see where her journey will take her! I adored her body painting projects and wish I could have just 1% of that creativity! My only wish is Zoe would write more about her make up artist adventures, as I can't get enough! 

5 - Glossible

I just had to mention The Glossible. This blog is jam packed full of tip and tricks. I love the artist showcase posts, which introduces me to fresh new talent and inspirational artists all the time. The kit posts are also super handy, like how to build up a kit under $2000. I cannot express how wonderfully informative this blog is and how much I have learnt especially about freelancing and portfolio building. Definitely take a look if you are a newer artist looking to get into make up.

So those are 5 MUA (kinda!) blogs that I love to read. I hope you have found a blog here and some new reading material that might be of use to you! I know all 5 of these bloggers have taught me something, inspired me in some way or are just general good reads! And please do share below, a blog you are loving recently! Be it make up related or not, share some blog love :) 

Kayleigh x

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  1. You've inspired me to do this post again and share the love :)! I don't always find the time to comment anymore but love reading posts. I tend to add some to our stumble upon when I've read them.

    M xx

    The CSI Girls

    1. Definitely do! I want to see the blogosphere return to its older days with lots of commenting and love sharing!! :)


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