My Top #5 Disney World Restaurants

My Disney posts always recieve a lot of attention and love so I thought I would try and include a disney related post once or twice a month. I know my blog has become something more of a make up artist blog, but Disney World is my home away from home so I do hope its well received if I mix it up a little bit on here! Anywho!

As a frequent dining plan go-er, I do sample quite a lot of the restaurants Disney has to offer, but alas there are so many I am yet to do such as the famous Kona Cafe and Ohana. I do hope eventually I will get round to doing these (next year plz!) but at the moment, these are my top #5 picks for table service restaurants at Disney world.

5th - Chef Mickeys

Last September was my first visit to Chef Mickeys and I kicked myself for not visiting sooner. I absolutely loved it. Chef Mickeys is a table service buffet with a whole host of your favourite characters walking around, including the big mouse himself. Its such a fun experience for both adults and kids alike. The buffet itself was divine, I enjoyed lobster mac and cheese, with brownie for dessert (i had two portions of the lobster mac and cheese AND some chicken thrown in for good measure). Although honestly, while the food is amazing, you come here for the amazing atmosphere and character interaction. Its a great opportunity to meet some of your favs and see them interact with each other which is quite a rarity. I apologise immensely for the cringeworthy pics down below, it was hot OK!

4th - House of Blues

Every single time I have visited Florida, I have gone to House of Blues. I adore it. The atmosphere is amazing, service is always top notch, live music is sometimes available and generally its just buzzing. I absolutely love the steak, lobster mac and cheese and the salmon. I have never ever had a bad meal here and will come back again and again. Plus the cocktails are hella strong, me and my bestie got drunk on ONE. Yeah i'm not even kidding. Blind drunk. The outside deck has a bar and lovely seating area where you can take in the Disney Springs with a cocktail (i'll warn ya again, they are brutal). 

3rd - Rainforest Cafe

I know its a bit of a cop out, as it is a chain, but my god I just love it here. My carnivorous appetite adores the ribs (although I will say the ribs at T- Rex Cafe are better!) and the steak is top notch (both my boyfriend and best friend rate the steak here better than Le Cellier and the Yachtsman!). The atmosphere is a little loud for my taste (20 minute interval rainstorms frequent the restaurant) so if you're looking for something a little more intimate with your partner, this may not be the one. But its a fun experience and I always adore the food. 

2nd - The Yachtsman Steakhouse

Despite the fact my boyfriend and best friend preferred the steak in Rainforest Cafe, I think this took my heart. Sorry to any veggies out there by the way! SO MUCH STEAK. The Yachtsman is a signature restaurant, so naturally its a little bit more expensive. But you definitely get what you pay for here. The garlic and onion bread they bring out is honestly so moreish, Chris asked the waiter for more! And the steak, oh my goodness. I chose the filet, which although you get less, its so tender and flavoursome. The ambience is just what you would expect. Calm, refined and romantic. When you look around you see couples dining (then theres us with our glow cocktails ha!) and well behaved children, its definitely one with a calmer atmosphere where you can talk and not shout over the general hustle and bustle. The service has always exceeded every expectation too. I just love it here, best steak on disney in my opinion!

1st - Fultons Crab House

Controversial maybe? I always see Ohana, or Kona top people's lists but for me, seafood wins. I love crab and lobster, and for me it is such a treat I never get to experience in the UK. The seafood here is the best on Disney in my opinion and service is always amazing. The ambience too. I mean you're on that huge boat right in the centre of Disney Springs?! The views are incredible if you get the right table and generally again, its a calmer more romantic atmosphere than other table services. Don't let this put you off though, seated downstairs by the bar is quite buzzy! This is a signature so again, more pricey, but the food makes up for it majorly! Chris enjoyed the steak as he's not much for seafood, and loved it. I will always visit Fultons for as long as I go to Disney, it captured my heart!


So they are my top 5 table service restaurants! I would actually love to see others post on this, they are my favourite to read as I love seeing food related posts (you can tell I'm a foodie!) so link down below if you have one and I hope you enjoyed seeing mine!

Kayleigh x

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  1. Please, please, please make sure you do Kona & Ohana next time, two of my absolute favourites

  2. The food looks amazing! I'm hopefully going next year so this is going to come in handy :)



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