MAC Monday: The Big Mascara Post

When I was 17, I bought my first MAC mascara. It was actually my second MAC product (my first being Pervette lipstick!) and the first product I actually hated from the brand. In actual fact, MAC do a plethora of mascaras, much like their foundation family and I had been unfortunate enough to choose the wrong one for my eyelashes. Much like foundations, not every mascara from MAC fits all, so it wasn't until years later that I found my mascara love would actually be something entirely different. 

So this post is intended for people who perhaps want to try a MAC mascara but have no idea where to look, or perhaps you have tried one before and had a similar experience to me! So here is the great big post all about MAC mascaras!

Zoom lash was the first MAC mascara I tried and to be fair, in the 10 years its been since I tried it last, its not as bad as it used to be. The brush is a pretty standard brush, quite skinny with a tapered end. Great if you like your mascara brushes to be easy and not too bulky. My lashes for the record are extremely straight, almost pointing downwards. So my routine goes something like this, curl - 1st coat - curl - second coat. So that's kinda what you see here. The first coat always makes my lashes drop, although with zoom, the drop isn't too bad. I'd say this mascara is great for building up depth and definition, compared to the other mascaras you'll see down below, Zoom definitely makes them look the thickest and more falsie like! Zoom also comes in extra black and waterproof! The waterproof version is always my favourite for holidays. 

Extended play is one of my favourite mascaras for everyday, and I find myself reaching for it quite often! It just gives very natural daytime lashes, and as you can see from the third picture in, holds a curl nicely! One of the only mascaras from MAC that does that to be honest, the formula isn't too heavy so if you find you struggle with curl, this one is great. Its also super defining so you never get any clumps. If you have sparse and straight lashes, this one is great. 

Here we have false lash. I do actually love false lash, its one of my favourites. Again holds a curl so well, probably better than any other of the others if you compare. However I do have to be careful on my second coat because it can get clumpy. False lash is pretty amazing on everyone, from sparse lashes to fuller lashes, from straight lashes to curly. The brush is quite large and has a really nice tapered end to get to those little corner lashes. One of my favourite things to do is use extended play for my first coat and finish with false lash to give it the blackness and depth it needs afterwards.

Haute Naughty is a two in one mascara. The first brush has a lot less product on it so gives you soft fluttery lashes, while the second brush adds the volume and transforms the lashes to nighttime. For me, Haute Naughty just doesn't work for my lashes. I feel like they go a bit spidery and clumpy. The first picture is with the first wand and the second picture is with the volumizing wand. I just think other mascaras work better for my lashes generally, but I do really like this on clients, especially those with naturally long and curled lashes, but need a bit of defining and darkness added to them. It also works amazingly well on those lashes which are quite sparse as well. 

In extreme dimension is MAC's best seller and works really nicely on everyone. For me, my lashes are too straight, the formula is quite weighty, so after curling it just immediately weighs them down. After curling, the result is quite nice, the brush has little barrels in it, so the lashes remain clump free. I just find the formula too heavy. If your lashes have a great natural curl and you're just looking for some definition and length, this is amazing. Also fun fact, Beyonce uses this mascara. Cool huh? It also comes in super black (even more weighty for straight lashes) and in the summer, they are introducing a waterproof version. 

 Opulash is MAC's biggest brush. Its huge! I went through a phase of really liking big brushes when I was a teenager (Benefit Bad Gal anyone?) but now I've reverted to smaller brushes just because I'm so clumsy. This mascara is great for drama. The end result is volumised, dark, big lashes. I do find this mascara a little clumpy, so you do have to be careful, but if you're looking for a night-time mascara, look no further. The formula is heavy again, as you can see from my third photo, the lashes definitely come to life when they have been curled again. Great if you've got naturally amazing lashes, or if you want to use this on top of your existing mascara to give a bit of drama afterwards.

 Sculpt doesn't get enough love in my opinion! I love the toothy type comb on it and the fact you never ever ever get clumps, its physically impossible with this brush. This is an amazing everyday mascara, the end result giving lovely fluttery daytime lashes with lots of curl, lots of length and lovely separation. You can't get a lot of drama or definition with this one I feel, but I do often pair it with Opulash to get the definition I need but also keep the lashes separated and clump free! This is a great mascara if like me, you suffer with straight lashes, and need a bit of curl in your life. Works especially well on sparse lashes too. Sculpt also has a superblack version, which is a little bit more heavy, so naturally the curl does drop considerably. 

 Upward lash just doesn't do it for me. I absolutely hate it on my lashes. I find it makes them pokey and clumpy, with not much length either. I also find the formula does flake which none of the other MAC mascaras do. It just doesn't work for me. But I do find it really great on those naturally amazing lashes, that just need a bit of depth and darkness to them. The formula is quite heavy, so I find it does only work on naturally curly lashes too, or people who are prepared to get the lash curlers out. Also can we talk about how jarring the tube is!

I haven't taken a pic of the false lash maximiser on my lashes, because generally I never remember to use it. When I initially tested it out, it did make a little bit of a difference to the length and thickness of my lashes, but for me, that happens anyway when I apply my second coat! Whenever I use this on other people though, it really is amazing. The lashes are just so much thicker and fuller, but for me I just don't have time in between curling my lashes 5000 times. 

The only other mascara I haven't reviewed is the mineralise mascara. Its the only one in the range I don't own but I have tried. For me, it was a bit like false lash result wise. Quite flakey however, which always put me off buying!

So thats my review and round up of all the mascaras MAC sell right now. Overall my favourites are always gonna be sculpt, extended play and zoom lash, interestingly all £15, when the rest are £19! 
Apologies for the delayed MAC Monday also, this post took a while to prepare! Hopefully I can get more MAC Mondays up for you now I've got this big bulky one out of the way! 
Let me know your requests and if you have tried a MAC mascara and what you thought of it!


  1. Love your Mac posts. Love that you've showed the mascara on. I have a pet peeve when I can't find a review of a mascara on to see how it works! I've only tried false lash but really love it. This has made me want to try more!

    M xx

    The CSI Girls


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