Building My MUA Kit #5: Blushers and Powders

Blushers, blushers, blushers. Where do I start?! In the years before going freelance I collected blushers more than any other item in my collection. I was a woman possessed, always buying them from the latest MAC collections and yes, I did end up with more than I definitely needed. I guess it worked out for the best as I can easily use them in my kit. 

First of all, when it comes to blushers, my favourite are MAC. I love how you can buy them in pan form, they come in a range of shades and textures and blend dreamily on the skin. I'm also used to using them everyday! For starting your kit, I'd say go for some warmer tones (orange based) and some cooler tones (pink). Warmer tones tend to suit everyone a lot more and out of my kit, I always tend to use warmer toned blusher more than any other. You can buy the MAC refills to slot into palettes for £15 as opposed to the £18.50 for them sold individually.

When I decided to build up my kit I depotted all my MAC blushers and mineralize skinfinishes so they would be easily transportable (and gave me tonnes of back to MAC pots!). I ended up with three palettes which I cart around with me and I love them! They are everything I need. I depotted them into the extra large dome shaped Z palettes - perfect for those MSF's! In these I have just the right shades and textures to both highlight with and use as blusher. Super versatile. 

I also filled up an extra large Z-Palette with my La Femme blushers. These are like a little hidden MUA secret. Costing me only 99p (but don't you turn your nose up just yet) they are the most pigmented little things and exactly the same size and weight as a MAC blusher. I actually use these more than my MAC blushers as they are super long wearing on clients and the littlest bit goes a long way! Although I can't find them being sold in singles - Love Make Up stock a palette here. These are an excellent affordable option if you are looking to build up the basics. 

Powders however can be a bit of a difficult one! I've tried many different types of powders on clients and generally find they can make or break a look. 9/10 clients will always need a powder to set the make up, make sure it lasts and essentially, keep the face shine free if you know photographs are going to be involved. They can completely change the skin and make it look flawless and airbrushed. Or they can make the foundation go cakey and make the skin look heavy. So here are my tried and tested!

If you're just starting out go with translucent powder. You can use it on ALL skin tones and types, it mattifies and sets foundation and I have found, very rarely goes cakey. I love the Laura Mercier transcluscent loose powder and have done since day 1. It was my first ever loose powder and I bought it having read that Zooey Deschanels make up artist used to use it on the set of New Girl. Being a huge Zooey Deschanel fan, I bought it and never regretted it. Its perfect for setting undereye concealer and lightly mattifying the skin as well as setting. It costs £19.50 and honestly you'll never run out. I've had mine in my kit for a good couple of years now and don't seem to be close to finishing!
 I do also like the pressed Laura Mercier setting powders. They are light,comfortable on the face and oil free. They never seem to settle onto the skin or look cakey, however they do contain talc, so I do cater this one more towards my oilier clients. 

I do have a couple of Studio Fix Powder + foundation in my kit but generally I'm not the biggest fan. I have them because they kind of do all round job, of setting, adding coverage and taking away shine. I only have a couple because they are my least favourite MAC powder and can be a hazard to use. If used incorrectly these bad boys WILL cake because they are a foundation as well as powder so they are a bit heavier. I prefer to use them with a powder puff and really press them into the skin. If used correctly they are amazing at smoothing over pores and creating an airbrushed finish. However due to the sheer amount of shades and how tough they can be to use, I wouldn't say they are a great starter product for a new kit, but more of a top up if you want something slightly heavier for your clients. 

Another couple of powders that I do recommend is the Studio Careblend from MAC. This is by far my favourite powder that MAC does. Its never cakey and applies beautifully. It feels almost like a cream in the pan, its so soft and excellent for drier skins. It has a beautiful blurring effect on the skin which is why I love it so much, it glides over pores and really airbrushes the skin. I'm slowly filling up my kit with a few shades, but I have honestly never put this powder on a client and have it look bad! It is priced at £20.50 which isn't crazy bad considering powders last forever. You could easily get a full range of shades for £100.

Powders are a tricky one, but generally if you go translucent it will get you through until you can start picking out some more in depth shades! Next time I can hopefully take you through some of the highlighters and contours I have in my kit :)

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