#52 Weeks of Disney - Week 12: Cinderella

Hey all. Its my favourite time of the week and probably my favourite make up of the week too - its #52weeksofdisney time!
If unsure what my 52 weeks of disney series is, every week I create a make up look based on the corresponding animated classic! This week is week 12 and its a very exciting look - its Cinderella!
I have been dying to do this look. I've recreated Cinderella a couple of times on the blog (embarrassingly) but its been years since I've done it, so I was eager to see how far I had progressed and create something new! With my other looks being quite out there, I really wanted this look to be pretty, to be classic make up, instead of the more creative and crazy make up i've done so far! So here is what I came up with and I really do hope I did Cinderella justice!

I stayed within the Cinderella theme and used some of my Disney make up collection in this look because how could I not?! The Sephora Cinderella palette is legit my favourite, I'll never get over this collaboration and can only express in so many words how excited I am for the Sephora Minnie Mouse palette! I also paired it with my MAC Cinderella Reflects Glitter (which is available normally without special packaging) I'm trying to get back into the habit of showing what I use, just in case anyone wants to recreate the look ever. 

I hope I did Cinderella justice for you guys! Head to this post here if you would like to see any of my other disney looks! Next week i'm super excited, because its Alice in freaking Wonderland! So many things to do!!

Kayleigh x

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  1. this is so beautiful! and that palette looks stunning, love this series!

  2. 😬 Ahhh I love it, you did Cinderella so well. <3 xxx

  3. Love the colour of this one looks beautiful.
    Maxine xx



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