Weekly Work Looks #11 - Feeling Fierce

I thought I would post some more of my work looks since the last one went down quite well and I feel like sometimes its easier to just do one post of lots of looks rather than one post per look! So this year, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone a little bit, use colours, shapes, textures that I normally wouldn't and start looking at make up differently! So you can see a running theme here, lots of these looks are slightly different, slightly bolder and more out of my comfort zone!

This was one of the honest to god, easiest looks to do in the morning. I literally used MAC Blacktrack to create a big old wing and then used MAC Pearlglide Black Swan pencil smudged underneath to join up with the wing. Super easy and a really nice way to create stand out eyes. I think sometimes we get so hung up on just using 50000 eyeshadows, that a simple wing can be just as effective!

A more fun look from me, this received a tonne of compliments at work. Turns out people like me in colour! I used MAC Aquadisiac all over the lid, paired with Stars and Rockets in the crease. Super easy. Plus these colours are nicely complimentary, it wasn't until I saw them sitting in my palette together that I thought, hey they would look nice!

This was my Valentines make up look, obviously busting out pinks because I couldn't help myself.  I used MAC Phloof all over the lid, with MAC Sushi Flower lightly in crease, mixed with Quarry and Haux. I actually find pink very unflattering on me, but when mixed with an winged liner to add some depth to the lash line, I actually really like it!

I shy away from blues, often associating them with bad make up or the 70's. But actually I do find blues quite complimentary to my eye colour, so busted out the blues for this look here. For this I used the Make Up Forever 15 deluxe palette using simply the blue and the purple from the palette blended together. I'm trying to simplify my make up routine and use less eyeshadows to still create a really nice look. This was an example of one of those days! 

For this look, I honestly couldn't tell you what I used! I hate that I didn't keep a record! I feel like it was a day off so I probably used Urban Decay, mixed with a bit of Too Faced! Regardless, I was trying to create something without a wing, as sometimes I don't feel quite finished without a wing and I hate that. I want to get out of that habit.  I really love purples, they are my absolute favourite to use on the eyes!

So that was my weekly work looks, I hope you enjoyed seeing them! I think next week I'm going to try and do some dark smokey looks, so I'll show you what I come up with! 

Kayleigh x

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  1. Every single one of them is beaut. It's such a great idea to take the pics of your work make up and put them together :) xxx

    1. Thank you :) I find I just don't have the time or words anymore to write about one make up look, so find posts like this easier! :)


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