Vice 4 Valentines Day Make Up

I remember years ago doing looks on here around Valentines day that turned into some of my favourite looks I ever created. So I wanted to get creating again, pinks and soft tones are some of my favourite to use as I find them just generally very pretty and girly.

For x-mas I got the Urban Decay Vice 4 palette (sooooo amazing by the way). And challenged myself to try and use some of the shades in a more softer way, as I am so used to grabbing Urban Decay by the horns and going crazy with dark colours and brights. The Vice 4 has some really nice softer pinks and purples, quite refreshing to see from Urban Decay, so I got playing and came up with this!

I labelled the colours if you was wondering what I used! I just gently went in with the warm toned brown for a transition colour but generally stayed with those lovely purple hues in the corner. I feel like this could easily be replicated with the Naked 3 palette if you have that also! 

I have a couple more Valentines Day posts planned and also planning a few Disney looks into the mix. Let me know if theres anything else you would like to see from me!

Kayleigh x

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