Lip Art #1

As a make up artist, the hardest thing for me on a client, is LIPS. Oh my god, they are my achilles heel (along with bloody liner, but I think everyone struggles with that!)
So this year I have tried to push my boundaries and practise practise practise. Obviously this includes on my own lips, as quite simply, sometimes I'm not surrounded by people to practise on (my boyfriend is adamant I can only practise making him look like a zombie!) 

So I thought I would share some of my recent lip looks. I love fooling around with lip art and finding new lip combos with my lipsticks, so I thought I would share the love. 

Glitter lips - done using Lime Crime Candy Apple lipgloss and OCC red glitter :) 

When Game of Thrones returned to our TV screens, I did this dragon-esque lip art looking using MAC Half and Half lipstick with Lime Crime Dragon Scales loose eyeshadow pressed into the centre. 

Pop art lips inspired by Karla Cosmetics! Sometimes all it takes is a simple instagram look to get you inspired for the day ahead.Certainly not a wearable one, one wrong move and it could all smudge together! I used Lime Crime pink velvet liquid lipstick surrounded by MAC Blacktrack liner. For the white, I used a white eyeliner from Illamasqua. 

Ice cream lips inspired by Depeche Girl on Instagram (the undisputed queen of lip art!) I used a random Rimmel blue pencil for the outside and Lime Crime geranium for the middle! This one was super easy to do, as you literally just blend the two colours together until you get your desired effect!

At work, I'm responsible for the looks every Friday and I loved this lip combo I made using MAC Stormy Pink paint pot and Viva Glam VI. It was a very cool toned muted grey raspberry and it received a tonne of love from customers. I love how unique it is. 

Again, more inspo from Depeche Girl, I love her sharp lines and graphic liner looks so I attempted a recreation. I used Lime Crime styletto for the black (this is my go-to black lipstick) with Sugarpill Absinthe for the green accents. 

More of a toned down wearable lip, this is probably my go-to for work. MAC Morning Coffee Pencil with Blankety lipstick. 

MAC Soar paired with Kat Von D liquid lipsticks in Lolita and Lovesick. So so matte. 

 Another lip look I'll do quite often for work. MAC Morning Coffee mixed with Creme in your coffee lipstick. Throw Soft and Gentle in the centre for a really angelic glowy lip with something a bit different!

The last and most recent lip look I've done and probably my favourite. I love how different it is and while probably not very wearable, I love all the the different colours and textures. This was MAC Nightmoth lipliner, paired with Lime Crime poison berry lipstick. In the centre we have Sugarpill Goldilux and two Topshop glitters to add some dimension and different textures.

So that is some of my most recent lip art look with, let me know if you like this kind of post with lots of different images of lots of different looks and maybe let me know if there is any lip art YOU would like to see!

Kayleigh x

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  1. These looks are so gorgeous!
    I love the pop art!!
    ♡ chantelle | chanbelle


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