Hello 2016

So things have kinda changed around here huh? 

Welcome to my new and hopefully improved internet space! Some of you might be quite surprised to see the change, however I had felt for some time it needed to happen. I had outgrown my old blog, my old name and my old style and it had felt stale for quite some time. I have changed and I wanted my blog to change with me and reflect who I am now. I wanted it to be more professional, more of a place where I can practise artistry, but still remain true to me, a place where I can still learn, practise and share. 
I toyed with getting a proper professional website, but I think one of the most important things about being an artist is learning, and my blog gives me the freedom to do that. The freedom to put an imperfect look up and say "hey my brows aren't so great here" or "eyeliner needs work" and not be judged. I started on Blog of Shadows, it is the very reason I am able to have the job I have and I'll forever be grateful for my little piece of internet. But 5 years have passed and a lot can happen in 5 years! I have grown, I am in a completely different place, a completely different person and I want my blog to reflect that.
Blog of Shadows, you will be missed but right now, I am so happy with where my little internet space is at! Its reinspired me and I'm so hoping 2016 will be the year I can bounce back into the blogging world!

So what can you expect from me this year? Obviously from the title, I am going back to my roots and focusing on make up looks. I dabbled in other areas, fashion and disney. But it made me feel lost and honestly I began to feel my blog became a bit hectic, like it didn't fit anywhere and that I was posting for the sake of it! I may still do the odd post, but for now, its going to be mainly good old fashioned make up!

And I do hope you like my new and hopefully improved internet space and are as excited as I am for 2016! 2015 will be hard to top for me, I began the job of my dreams, made some amazing lifelong friends and met the person I consider my soulmate. I moved into my own place, travelled, grew more than I ever thought I could and that will be hard to top! But I have good feelings for 2016!


  1. So glad to be able to see your beautiful work online again! Your blog's looking so professional as well, it's gorgeous! Much love x


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