Building my Kit #3: Tools & Disposables

So i thought I would continue with this series I had going back when I was Blog of Shadows. It was my kit series, as I found myself building up my kit thanks to recommendations online and thought it would be nice to share what I had learnt along the way too!

While brushes may seem like the only tool we need as make up artists, I found out that the other little bits and bobs are just as important, if not more so! 

1 - Obviously we wouldn't be anywhere without cotton pads. So useful for spot cleaning brushes, taking off eye make up and general cleaning. I get mine from Primark for 50p. Not pictured, I also keep a pack of tissues in my kit, for similar reasons mentioned above. 

2 - Handy small pack of cotton buds. When building a freelance kit, the most important lesson is SPACE. Although these only fit about 20 in, I top up as and when. 

3 - Lip wands. I picked these up from Love Make Up for about £3. Great for lipgloss application without sacrificing the hygiene of the product. Its so important to be hygienic and professional. 

4 - I picked these up from Marks and Spencers, they are self make up removing cotton buds, great for any little mistakes (especially eyeliner and lips). When you get one out, you crack it at the tip and it releases make up remover. Also super handy for mascara removal! They were kinda pricey, but I find I don't have to top them up too much. 

5 - Disposable mascara wands. So important for hygienic use of mascara. I have a couple of different types. These are all MAC, which you can buy from any MAC store. They are pretty generic, but really handy to fit in most mascara bottles. And great for eyebrow grooming!

6 - Kevyn Aucoin eyelash curlers. I am a big big fan of lash curling on myself, its such an important must do part of my routine and I know how much of a difference it makes to my crazy straight lashes, so I wanted to invest in a good pair of curlers for my kit. I myself have always used Shu Uemura, but I read excellent reviews on the Kevyn ones in pro make up artists kits, so invested. I've actually yet to use them as most of my clients go for falsies, but at £16 a pop I hope they do me justice! I got mine from Cult Beauty.

7 - Baby MAC mascaras. These are little samples from when my mum bought something from my store, they threw in a handful of these. My mum doesn't really wear make up so gave them to me and I thought they would be fab in my kit. I give these as little wedding favours to brides if they opt for just mascara, as its great size to fit in my handbag. If you aren't a fan of samples, you know those little perfume ones or moisturiser that you get in magazines, throw them in your kit. They make great little favours. 

8 - MAC pots. I always keep these handy little pots in my kit for emergencies. You know the type... spillages in your bag or just general decanting. I have also found them particularly handy if you have a client who needs something decanted for their travels. If you don't feel like splurging, most make up counters will give you sample pots if you ask super kindly! If not, these are available here. 

9 - Spatula and palette. Super super necessary, if you are building up your kit make these the first things you buy! You need to show your client you are hygienic, so always decant products with the spatula onto a clean palette. It will show your professionalism and keep your products super sanitised. My spatula is from Love Make Up and my palette is MAC. 

10 - These are handy little tweezers from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I love how sharp and neatly these cut lashes if you need to trim them for a client. If you are just starting out, you don't need to go for something so expensive, Boots and Superdrug do some very basic nail scissors that will do the job. The ABH ones are fab though if you want something robust and  will last you a long time!

11 - On the subject of lashes, always keep your kit topped up with lash glue. I always always use the DUO one, you just can't beat it. 

12 - Cosmetic Wedges - I got these from Primark for 50p. I am not a fan of using wedges to apply foundation, but I do find them super handy when doing special FX work or blending out edges. I also have some MAC powder puffs in here as well. Very handy for applying powder for an airbrushed finish. 

13 - An odd one, but I've found nail polish remover is so so essential. I've worked on brides who suddenly gasp at the state of their bridesmaids nails and you can really save the day if you have one of these little guys. Super quick and easy. I've also found it can save YOUR day if you turn up to a client with chipped nails (guilty!). The last thing you want is chipped nails in a professional photo, so really really handy.

14 - Other random bits which will not go unloved, hair grips and nail files. Trust me. Also not pictured but I also have straws. The amount of models/brides who want to drink when their lips have been done. It just saves a lot of aggravation. 

15 - MAC Powder Puff, for times where you're topping up eyes but don't want to disturb the rest of the face. Rest this on your pinky finger and it won't ruin any of the hard work. 

16 - Tweezers. Although I'm not a fan of applying clients lashes with tweezers (too dangerous!) I do have a couple in my kit just in case. You never know! I have a tiny Benefit one, which is handy just for its size and my main one I use is my Anastasia Beverly Hills one from Cult Beauty. 

And that is most of the random bits and bobs I have in my kit. All so essential though, my kit would not function without these random items! 

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  1. I would love to see your make up artist kit! I studied make up artistry too, but just couldn't finish my course. It's such a shame...


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