Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Make Up Look: Green for Brown eyes

So at work this week I've been learning a little bit about colour theory and what colours go with what eye colours. I already had some past experience with colour theory, but this week I really wanted to experiment and play around with it more, And who better to practise on than myself! Having brown eyes, the colour wheel "tells me" that blues, greens and purples are complimentary to my eye colour, so today I played around with some greens and came up with this (and of course I added glitter because its my day off and goddamn it i'll wear some glitter!) 

I thought it would be nice not only to help me learn, but also maybe interesting for anyone reading, to see which eyeshadows bring out your eyes! Hopefully I can grab some faces to use on the blog so show off different eye colours too :)

Apologies for the wafty false eyelash. I didn't realise the inner corner bit was sticking up *mabad* 
I'm going to keep experimenting, I think I can do better with green eyeshadows to be honest, I just have to pair them better. Watch this space!

What do you think? Do you like greens with brown eyes?
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