Make Up Look: Mermaid

I don't know why, but I get serious mermaid vibes from this look? It wasn't supposed to come out like this, but I like it regardless! In my head I had a dark bluey green spotlight smokey eye but this came out quite bright and aquatic in the end. 

Once again, I used MAC rule in the crease along with a little bit of brown script. I love these for a transition colour. I used the Sleek Ultra Mattes Volume 2 palette and the pretty dark plummy blue for the blue you see around my eye and then patted the Topshop duo chrome in the centre for that pop of light. I think it looks really pretty and I'm not a lover of blues on myself! Seriously take a look in Topshop for some good make up buys, I'm eyeing up the highlighters next!


  1. It's totally mermaid! Love the metallic shine to the look and the neutral shade in the crease finishes everything off so nicely :)



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