Make Up Look: Duochrome

I'm having a little bit of a moment with duochrome eyeshadows recently. I'm kind of in love. MAC Club, blue brown pigment, any of the in extreme dimension shadows, get em on my eyeballs. When I cheekily walked through Topshop on my break I saw these perfect duochrome eyeshadows and they swatched beautifully, so of course I walked out with basically every single one they was selling. 

Here is a little look I did using the combination of one of the shadows, layered over some very basic smokes. See how it just takes it up a notch. Yaaas. 

Look at it in all its beauty! The fact it comes out this startling bluey purple is amazing! Duochromes man... I used the Sleek Au Natural palette in the black and brown directly next to it all over my lid and crease. You could also use MAC Blackberry and Carbon if you had those. I then went in the crease with the purple and blue from the Sugarpill palette to add the purpley plummy tones and then just tapped Wax n Wane in the centre. So easy and so eyecatching. I'm obsessed!

Tell me your favourite duochromes in the comments below! I'm on the hunt!


  1. Wow, the duochrome effect is stunning! Such a cool combination of shades :)


  2. This is so beautiful! I wish you could come and do my eye make up daily. This probably isnt office appropriate lol but I love it!

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict


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