Game of Thrones Look: Mother of Dragons

Who's excited about the return of Game of Thrones tonight?!
*puts hand up*

Because I am THAT excited, today I took inspiration for my make up from none other than the mother of dragons herself. I'll be honest, duochrome shades are my favourite!! Its like two shades in one! My favourites include MAC blue black pigment and Club eyeshadow as well as Lime Crime's Dragon Scales pigment. I also love Mushroom from Urban Decay. I just their versatility and the fact that you can do minimal effort with maximum effectiveness!

Today I used Lime Crime (a brand that leaves a bad taste in my mouth for reasons I mentioned at the end of this post) but none the less, Dragon Scales is a beauty. Such beauty in fact I have two in my stash as I use it so much. (Those who want a dupe, MAC Blue Black is very similar just less red).

So anyways, here is the look! Which I shall be proudly sporting throughout Game of Thrones tonight (gosh this season is gonna be good, ya'll who have read the books will know!)

As you can see the look was very minimal! With a little bit of Faint and Naked 2 blended into the crease and a little of Urban Decay Mugshot under the eye, some falsies and I was done! So quick and so easy, I think I may wear this all week in celebration of GoT coming back!

So who's watching tonight!!


  1. This looks awesome, I can't wait for GOT!

  2. Love the look! You always have the best feline flick! I'm so into GoT right now ^.^

  3. these types of eyeshadows are my favourite! i need to pick up blue black!

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

  4. Totally gorgeous! Love the inspiration- I finally watched the first episode tonight and am so excited for the rest of the season :)


  5. Stunning! It's just all so pretty and very Daenerys Targaryen!

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