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I have always been quite the avid MAC fan. I remember my first collection with them being Disney's Venomous Villains and since then I have never failed to check out their latest collections and furiously collect whatever had different packaging. I have to admit, in recent years I found myself underwhelmed, buying less and less and generally not being very excited. Until MAC Cinderella... that changed everything. 
I found myself back to the days of stalking the website and checking House of Fraser, Debenhams and Selfridges relentlessly. It turns out I'm not quite as good as I used to be because it was actually down to Amy from Paintpotted texting me saying the Cinderella collection was on the website that I actually got anything at all! (Thank you Amy!)

My favourite purchase by far was the Stroke of Midnight eyeshadow palette. Despite the fact I have near enough all the shades in my pro palettes, I got it regardless. In a handy 6 pan that would be perfect for weekends away, I found my own little justifications for splashing out and I'm so happy I did! That paired with Reflects Pearl pigment (another permanent product but hey pretty packaging!) became my favourites from the collection (I found the highlighting powder and lipsticks to be kinda blasé). Naturally as soon as I got my little black box through the door I couldn't resist playing with it all and came up with the most perfectly Cinderella look. Its soft, elegant and feminine, not too in your face so perfectly acceptable for daytime and nighttime.

As detailed above I used pretty much all of the colours in the palette with a very light hand. I didn't want any harsh lines as I was going for a very blendable and soft look. It was my first time playing with reflects pearl and I must have sat there looking like the heart eyed emoji when I first swatched it. Its beautiful, so be prepared to see more of it!

So thats my little look, I don't really do collection looks very often but I thought you know, its Disney! I had to do one!

So just a quick update, I just started my job at MAC as a make up artist! I'm incredibly lucky and obviously over the moon as it is quite literally my dream job. So I thought, seeing as I have to wear MAC to work now, would you guys like to see more MAC looks like this?


  1. This is so prettyyy! I'm absolutely in love with the palette too. It'll be coming to Florida with me!

  2. Such a pretty neutral look! The shimmer on the lid looks magical :)


  3. I am so, so ,sooo in love with this collection from MAC! and may i add, your eyeliner looks amazing here:)x

  4. honestly, I am beyond underwhelm with this collection. I haven't been wowed since the hey sailor collection to be honest. I skipped this one.

  5. WOW! I regret now not getting Reflects Pearl pigment - I know it's a permanent one but this is the packaging we're talking about! ;) Beautiful makeup up and definitely fit for a princess!

  6. Wow, this is such a beautiful look, has made me want to go out and purchase this!' I love it!!

  7. This is such a gorgeous look! I'm so glad I didn't get the palette though as I too have almost all of the shades in my pro palette! I've not picked anything up from MAC in such a long time so I'd definitely like to see more looks! Congratulations on your job.
    Rebecca-Louise | Autumn Leaves building blogs and brands

  8. This is such a pretty look! :) Perfect for day time and special occasions :)

    Dannie x


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