Challenge of the Month: March - Pastels: Look #1

So last month MishMreow chose the theme for March and it was pastels! Pastels can be an incredibly hard thing to master, mainly because many brands just simply cannot do it right. Its hard to find a good pastel eyeshadow and even harder to come up with a look thats wearable and blended. Hence why this month took me an age to actually deliver a look! But here is my take on it and I actually very much enjoyed the process! Next month I want to focus more on improving my skill set - so head on to the end of the post for next months challenge!

Oh yeah, there's my face.

So for this look I used the Lime Crime Palette D'Antoinette, but I did want to address the situation as I haven't actually done so yet. After the whole ordeal with Lime Crime at the moment (just log onto their Instagram if you don't know) I have decided that I won't be using them or featuring them anymore, which is sad as you all know how much I loved the brand, the funky colours and the fact that nobody made a pastel like them! But I just can't support a company that shady, its too much drama and make up is supposed to be fun! Not a hassle. Therefore I will not be featuring or reviewing their items anymore. I will continue to use them in real life and sometimes may include their products in a look or two of mine, but they won't be featured on the blog as openly as I did. I just can't stand by a company that comes with so much baggage and stress!

Anywho with that being said, I have got a couple more pastel looks in mind, which I will include later next month, but for April I thought I would change it up a bit! For April our challenge is lip art! I am obsessed at the moment, colour combos, funky lip styles and designs, the possibilities are endless. I would love some more submissions for this month so get those creative juices flowing!


  1. That full face photo is STUNNING! Seriously, your makeup looks so pretty! Love the lip colour too :)

  2. Such a soft, magical look! Definitely fairy makeup- so pretty on you! xo



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