Challenge of the Month: February - PINK

So with the last months challenge being glitter (and me only getting one look done whoops!) This month I have resolved to challenge myself (and you guys!) to one of the hardest colours to master... Pink!! It only seemed fitting, what with Valentines Day coming up and Spring. 
Pink is such a hard colour to wear, pull off and apply. Its a colour I'm not 100% confident wearing on both my eyes  so I thought what better way to become a better make up artist than challenge myself to create looks with it all month! So without further ado... here is my first pink look of the month!

I have always loved the combo of pink and champagne-gold type colours. I think they are super flattering and a really nice way to ease the pink in. And who would have thunk that deep purple would come out with that crazy pink undertone when blended with the champagne? Crazy right! I also want to apologise for my atrocious eyebrow work in this, clearly wasn't paying attention!

So there we have it, a very easy sweet feminine way to incorporate pink into your daily routine without looking like you have had an allergic reaction! I would love for you guys to get involved in this challenge. Just submit your pink looks to me either by twitter or email and you'll be featured in my next look. Plus it gets those creative juices flowing :)


  1. This is such an beautiful look! Its very subtle so could break anyone into wearing pink! I've started using a pinky cream all over my lid and then smoke it out with some grey shades for a softer smokey eye. Might help you wear pink more.

    The Crown Wings

  2. Ooh, totally gorgeous! You're rocking the pink shades .That shimmery pink from the Chocolate Bar is one of my favourites :)



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