Building my Kit #2: Brushes

So welcome back to the second post in my Building my Kit series! if you missed part 1 where you can see what bags I chose for my starter kit, you can click here to read that!

Brushes, brushes, brushes. Where do I start? Up until now I used my own personal brush stash for freelance work, which consists of real techniques, MAC and other various brands, but it wasn't anything that I could happily freelance with. I decided I needed a proper set, so I can do multiple faces easily if need be and have a brush for every possible scenario. 
I did a lot of research as brushes don't come cheap, I watched youtube kit videos, read reviews and researched for a very long time, before finally narrowing it down between Crown Brush and Zoeva. I decided ultimately to go with Zoeva.

My decision was based simply upon the amount of negative reviews I saw of Crown Brush and the fact I couldn't find a single one about Zoeva.  Nope, not one.I tried to find negatives about Zoeva to prepare myself but nope, nothing! And that to me, is the sign of a good brush! Zoeva also seemed to cater for make up artists, providing brush rolls or even brush belts free with many of their more expensive kits and to be honest, I felt very overwhelmed with Crownbrushes website and the amount of choice. I wanted the best of the best and Crown made it very hard to find their premium line, whereas Zoeva was easy to navigate and came with a brush belt/roll which I would have needed to buy anyway. 2 birds and all that!

The set came to £175 and included 25 brushes made of both natural and synthetic hair which I was very concious about. (I can't find the set anymore, but this is the closest!) I didn't want a set with just one type of hair as different hair types work with different types of products. Typically you would want synthetic hairs for cream and liquid products such as concealer and foundation, whereas natural bristles work best with dry power products. I seperated the brush belt into two sections, one half with all my Zoeva favs and the other half has a few random MAC brushes and others.

I have only used the set a few times, but generally I am very happy with it. The foundation buffer brush is gorgeous and the eye brushes are comparable to MAC. Also the fine liner brush is a fricken wizard! Paired with a few of my MAC favs and some Real Techniques staples, I'd say my brush kit is ready and rearing to go! Plus the snazzy brush belt is an added extra, its comfortable and allows me to store my brushes with ease.

As for brush care, I am always a huge fan of the MAC brush cleanser. I have used this for years and am just comfortable with it. Paired with some cotton pads, it makes spot cleaning easy! For deeper cleans I use the Johnsons baby shampoo and make a habit of cleaning every sunday night so I have fresh brushes for the week ahead. Generally I am super impressed and would love to add the Zoeva Rose Gold set to my kit, but for now, I am happy with my basics :)

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  1. I've heard to many good things about Zoeva brushes! I want to get myself a proper set of brushes for my birthday and I think I'll check Zoeva out! Can't wait to see more of this series! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up- Beauty Blog

  2. i have heard so many things about zoeva brushes, i just wish they weren't an arm and a leg in the states, especially the rose gold set!

    brooke | brooke elise beauty

  3. Wow, this really is a stunning brush collection! So many fantastic brands- definitely inspiring me to grow my stash as well :)


  4. I love Zoeva brushes - they are such great quality and a really good price x

  5. Ooooh! I wanted some new brushes (as I seem to think it will give me magical make up skills) and I wasn't sure to try some Zoeva brushes. If you cannot find a negative thing about them that's so good!

    Dannie x


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