12 Looks of X-mas #7: The Lost Christmas Eve

 Ahhh Christmas Eve, what a beautiful day. Its so exciting and happy, everyone is getting ready for the big day, getting together last little bits while kids excitedly await the arrival of Santa. My Christmas eve involved enjoying a nice lie in, watching endless Disney movies and episodes of Sex and the City and then getting ready for the pub in the evening. I thought I would show you my super festive Christmas Eve look. I really wanted to do something incorporating green and gold, as they are the colours I commonly associate with Christmas and I wanted to be super festive. 
You know it wouldn't be Christmas without the Vice 3 palette - I just can't help myself, its sooooo good! I used a combination of colours in the crease to add depth and dimension and carried on the theme of the candlelight looks - with a dab of gold in the middle of the eye. The end result was kinda dazzling and I didn't expect myself to like it as much as I did! I hope you like it as much as I do!


I think the gold glitter in the centre really makes this look. Its a really old glitter I bought from Topshop many moons ago, but it really just brings a whole new dimension to the look dontcha think?

Anyways super sorry for the fact that Christmas has PASSED and I'm still uploading looks! I hope you're still interested in them, you know how busy it gets!


  1. I just looked through your posts and you have created some gorgeous looks! Green eyeshadow just looks so pretty on brown eyes!

  2. Ah, that touch of metallic gold is stunning! xo




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