12 Looks of X-mas: #7: Inspired

One of my biggest inspirations as a make up artist are those incredibly talented individuals on Youtube who day in and day out encourage me to be a better make up artist. One of my more recent finds last year was MannyMUA - a passionate creative individual who cracks me up with every video he makes and puts out some of the best inspiring content on Youtube.
On my commute home, whilst watching my latest subscriptions, I saw this tutorial from the man himself and knew I had to recreate it. 90% of the time my blog posts and looks are made up entirely by myself, but from time to time I see a look that I know I have to try myself and share with my readers. This was one of them. Simple yet glamorous and eye catching, I loved it. Its nothing on Manny's but I was really pleased with the outcome and while I didn't wear it out NYE (I didn't think pizza and sex and the city would fully appreciate it!) I did wear it to work and it got a tonne of love!

So I really hope you liked this look and while its not a pinch on Manny's, I do urge you to check out his channel, he is fabulous with a capital F!

And please please pleaseeee leave below your favourite youtubers, more specifically, those who are uber creative and talented like Manny! I love checking out other make up artists who continue to inspire me and make me better :)


  1. I LOVE this! Simple but gorgeous xx

  2. I love Manny's work. This is so beautiful! I want to recreate this x


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