Wednesday, 24 December 2014

12 Looks of X-mas #6: Christmas Eve Eve

First of all... Happy Christmas Eve! I know I may seem a day late, but yesterday was my last day at work before Christmas and I jazzed up my make up and added a touch of sparkle for the occasion. It was the first day I actually started to feel Christmass-y and I do think in part it was due to this make up (and my very glittery nails) (and the fact it was my last day at work!). I got a lot of compliments on it too and have to say, its gotta be my favourite look i've done in this series so far - me and purples have a dangerous love affair! I mixed it up this time and used the Vice LTD palette (I know, I didn't stray far!) I will be adding my product breakdowns when I have time but for now... enjoy!

I hope you are all having an absolutely fabulous Christmas Eve so far! I have had chocolate for breakfast and am going to the pub tonight to indulge in a few! I'll see you tomorrow to show you the look I went for! Merry Christmas everybody!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

12 Looks of X-mas #5 : Pine

I tend to shy away from greens, despite the fact they apparently go well with brown eyes. I dunno, I guess they are a colour I haven't really found *how* to wear yet... but the Urban Decay Vice 3 palette has an awesome green which literally screamed Christmas at me, so I grew the lady balls and wore this look to work one day and surprisingly got a tonne of compliments!

I really love how the green isn't too OTT and looks soft and woody next to the soft browns. And don't worry people, if interested in what exact shades I used, I will be doing my usual shade breakdown and added them into all the posts I missed when I get a day off. Damn Christmas, you hectic in retail!

Anyways hopefully you enjoyed this short but sweet look and I shall be back in a couple of days for something with a little more GLITTAH. 

Friday, 19 December 2014

12 Looks of X-mas: #4 - Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

What a terribly original name for a look but hey... 
So when House of Fraser had their 10% off beauty, I hopped straight on over to Urban Decay and bought their Vice 3 palette. I am such a collector of the Vice editions... and this one was no exception. Some absolutely mind blowing shades, with typically the same amazing Urban Decay quality you've come to expect. 
Gold and Christmas go hand in hand, so for this look, I went all out! I blended gold all over the lid and then patted gold glitter to complete! Super christmassy and I think, perfect for any Christmas party or event that you might have. Lets see the look!

I will be updating this section later today with the shades I used! 

I actually have to say I love this look. I very rarely go all out liner and lashes nowadays because I find it makes my eyes look smaller, but the result was actually super sultry and smokey. The little bit of gold glitter in the centre really bought the look together and made it super Christmassy. I think this may even make it to my Christmas day look y'know! 

Hope you're not bored of the Vice 3 palette - tomorrow we have another look :)

Sunday, 14 December 2014

12 Looks of X-mas: Day 3 - Candlelight

One of my favourite and easiest looks ever is the look known as the candlelight eye. Its so flattering and pretty and of course I had to do a festive take on it using once again the Vice 3 palette (I can't get enough!) and a little bit of Sugarpill's Goldilux. I added a pop of MAC's cranberry eyeshadow ever so slightly too, and I felt it really bought something to the look. Enjoy :)

I really love the shade DTF, its a really pretty taupy purple, matte and very nice to work with. I used that in both the inner and outer lids with the shade Lucky tapped in the middle and all blended out with cranberry and downfall. I got a tonne of compliments on this which is nice because its SO quick to do, even though it looks like I spent a lot of time doing it. Give it a try Vice-ers!

Tomorrow I have something for all of you waiting for a party look!
Hope you are having a nice December so far!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

12 Looks of X-mas: #2 - Mrs Claus'

One of the many amazing things about working as a make up artist in my day to day life now, is that I can rock whatever colour I want on my lids - yep that even means red!
I wanted to create a look that was red, because... yanno... CHRISTMAS and all that. But its quite a hard colour to wear and I tried this look many many times before I eventually settled on this and even now I'm not entirely happy. 

I used a combo of Sleek palettes to create the rustic burgundy on my lids, paired with a simple matte brown in the crease to warm things up and not look so stark and cray. I think working with mattes can be quite challenging especially when it comes to blending, so this look isn't 100% what I would have liked, but you can see the general idea that I was going for.

Tomorrow I promise, I'll post product pics! But for now, I used the Sleek Vintage Romance palette. It was actually my first time using this palette (when did it come out?!) so, so far I don't actually have much of an opinion of it, but if you'd like reviews next year I have a Sleek Week coming, so yay for that! 

I hope you are enjoying my looks so far, its nice to be back! 

Monday, 1 December 2014

12 Looks of X-mas: #1 - Sugarplum Princess

Hey everyone and welcome back to this little series if you remember it! If you are a long time reader of my blog you'll know I do this series every Christmas time, delivering 12 perfectly festive looks to get everyone in the Christmas mood. I absolutely love doing this series and this year, with working on a make up counter, makes it easier than ever as I can rock my chosen looks to work!

Around this time of year, I start to get obsessed with purples and pinks. They go together so beautifully and feel so girly and whimsical. I teamed up the timeless MAC Cranberry with Urban Decay's Mushroom and when blended together, they created a taupy kind of purple - perfect for the party season.

Is that dot on my lower lash line doing anyone else's head in?! Just me, OK then...
This was so easy to wear and I got a tonne of compliments. I think this cranberry kind of shade is such an easy way to make a look different - instead of grabbing your normal brown in the crease, try using Cranberry - the difference is amazing and so festive!

Because I'm getting back into the swing of blogging, I can assure you that future posts will have my normal break down of products used, but this particular day I completely forgot!
So I wanna ask - are there any specific looks YOU would like to see in this series?? Let me know, I love taking your requests!
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