Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Disney World Diary 2014: Day #3

On the third day of Disney-mas, Disney gave to me, Hollywood Studios! We set off early (as usual) and got to park a little after opening. We immediately headed to Rockin' Rollercoaster, but the queue was already over an hour, so we decided to come back later and check it out then. Instead we used our fast passes for Toy Story Mania, which honestly is one of the most fantastic rides at Disney. Rose really loved it, it was also nice for me to go on it as last year I was unable too due to the queues being so long and fast passes running out. It was so good to finally go on it!

After checking out a couple of the other rides around Pixar Place, we found some characters hanging around the entrance! I LOVE meeting characters and so does Rose so its gotta be done. We actually ended up meeting 5 characters throughout the day, my favourite being Stitch, he was adorable!

While meeting Stitch, his photographer and cast members played around with my phone and took selfies which made me laugh an awful lot when I discovered them. Such a funny little memory and an example of the Disney magic that can really make your day.

We went back to Rockin' Rollercoaster and saw the queue was still 40 mins. We decided to give it a go, as it is our absolute favourite Disney ride, but the queue was slap bang in the middle of the sun and we found ourselves burning up. We made the decision to come back later and actually when exiting the queue, a cast member approached us and asked why we were leaving, then ended up giving us fast passes so we could hop on straight away - such a lovely gesture and really made our day! Rockin' Rollercoaster was awesome as always and still remains my personal favourite Disney ride. After that we found ourselves a bit peckish, so indulged in one of my favourite snacks at Disney World - the famous pretzel and plastic cheese!

After this we mooched around the shops, Rose pin traded and we went on rides such as Star Tours and Muppet-vision. The heavens opened, but only briefly, giving us a lovely break from the blazing sunshine and then we headed to the Sci-Fi diner for dinner. While lovely, I think this does remain one of my least favourite restaurants. I think its the low lighting that does it, I just like being able to see my food. We both had our first steak of the holiday, and while mine was lovely, it was very fatty and i'm not a fat lover. I opted for the famous Sundae for dessert, which was lovely. I love the IDEA of the Sci-Fi diner, but probably wouldn't go again and would rather try elsewhere within Hollywood Studios. 

After dinner, it was Fantasmic time, Hollywood Studios huge nighttime spectacular. I love this little show and always find a tear in my eye. We settled down an hour before showtime to get a good seat and to enjoy a cocktail. I heard a touching story about all the cast members hugging Genie on the day of Robin Williams' passing and I thought it was both sweet and incredibly tragic, I did feel myself get a little lump in my throat and always find myself sad whenever I see anything Genie related. Fantasmic was awesome as always and Rose said she really enjoyed it and found herself emotional at parts. 

After Fantasmic we wanted to stick around the for the Frozen fireworks at 9.15, but it was so crowded being Labour Day weekend, so we headed home and enjoyed a very uncrowded bus journey on the way home. Arriving home shattered (hey Disney is tiring OK?!) we watched some TV and hit the hay, ready for another early start tomorrow! 

Also thought I would end with my OOTD - Top from H&M, Shorts from Primark (and aren't they fabulous?! Perfect for watching Journey of the Little Mermaid) and sandals also from Primark :)

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Disney World Diary 2014: Day #2

Welcome back everyone! Sorry about the lack of postage. It turns out being on holiday gets very very busy, so I postponed my diary until I could come home and edit pictures properly, hope you don't mind!
For our second day we decided to rest our tired bones and head to Blizzard Beach - one of Disney's waterparks. We were a bit tired from jetlag and a full day at Magic Kingdom, so a bit of relaxation (and fun!) at Blizzard Beach was welcomed. 

We managed to get to Blizzard Beach for 10am and found sun loungers easily. As someone who has only ever visited Blizzard Beach at midday, this was a welcome surprise. We immediately hit up the lazy river, my personal favourite part of Blizzard Beach as a non swimmer. Beforehand, I bought myself a waterproof iPhone case from the brand "OverBoard" and let me tell you... it served me so well. It was so nice to get some pictures in the water and at only something like £20, I know I'm going to get a lot of use out of it. 
After drifting around the river, we hit up the wave pool and then headed for some quick service lunch.

We both had pepperoni pizza (both me and rose are huge pizza addicts!) and really enjoyed it, but my gosh is it bad for you. It was literally dripping with grease, which I know would put ALOT of people off. After lunch we decided to check out the rides. I don't go on them as a non swimmer and Rose only likes the tame ones, so in the end we only did the family raft ride which was a lot of fun! We actually ended up doing it twice and met the loveliest family from Miami on our second go.

After that, I grabbed myself a sand pail from the Disney Tourist Blogs recommendation. Seriously, for 2 people. this giant bucket of brownie, wafer, caramel, chocolate sauce and ice cream, with sprinkles and cherries, was waaaay too much. We struggled, especially when a flock of wasps (I say flock... it was one wasp..) decided to join us. It was lovely though, but eat fast because as soon as it melts, the fun is sucked right out of it. Also probably share with more than one other person, this bad boy could probably feed 6! 

After the wasp incident we headed home but it was about 3pm and we had dinner reservations that night. We got back to the room, quickly got ready and made our way to Downtown for some shopping and dinner at House of Blues. If you read my last Disney World Diary, you will know my love for this place knows no limits. We indulged in a cocktail (which no joke, got me drunk it was so alcoholic) and enjoyed the atmosphere. HoB has such a cool vibe to it, everyone is chilled and while its always busy, it seems relaxing and casual. I decided on the blackened salmon for dinner and Rose went for a full rack of ribs (I know, crazyness right?!) The salmon was divine as always, I am never disappointed. Even Rose as someone who doesn't enjoy fish liked it! It came with garlic mash potato and seasonal veggies and it killed me that I couldn't eat it all!! Rose needless to say couldn't eat all of her ribs, but said they were the best she had ever tasted. After grimacing through our cocktails (SO ALCOHOLIC) we had dessert. I had the ever so beautiful chocolate cheesecake and Rose had mousse. Seriously, you gotta try that chocolate cheesecake. It killed me I had to leave some behind!

The worlds most alcoholic cocktails

After wandering around Downtown, soaking in the nightlife and checking out some shops (and stopping for pins for Rose along the way) and taking lots of photos, we decided to head back. It was half 11 and we were exhausted, even after our supposed "relaxing day". The saying "you will need a vacation from this vacation" is so so true. 

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